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Hi there,

So sorry I have not been able to keep up with the board or my assignment, but I wanted to give the moderators the update on the work I was able to do (very little unfortunately) so that no one else has to duplicate it. I started on the United States and did Alabama through all of Michigan. Unless it is noted below, all information is correct and unchanged:


Dr. H Cecil Coghlan phone # change to 205-934-3897


Schatz was no longer there, did not spend much time trying to locate him.


Dr Todd Davis 2300 Children's Plaza (add #13 to address)


Dr Sid Gilman

Department of Neurology

University of Michigan

300 North Ingalls 3D15

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

734-936-1808 or 734-936-9020

I am sorry I was not able to do more as of yet. I will keep trying.


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thanks for your help...every little bit helps :)

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What a pair we are.

I have been meaning to post to you to check in and just didn't feel well enough...UGH!

Anyways, I really hope this is okay...I promised Michelle that I would have my share done by the end of the year. I never anticipated that I would not come back to some baseline after my surgery...

We hired a caregiver this fall who has been doing a couple of calls each time she comes. She's an Honors student, super-capable and polite (probably better than me! :)) I hope this is okay. I could not bear backing out of my committment and asked her to help make the calls.

She has gotten up to 'P' I think? Yes, she is on Pennsylvania...so we should 'meet' soon Ann! What's the last doc you called? Let me know and she will go to that point...

There are several corrections so far, and I am planning to have her type them up and email them to Michelle in the next few weeks (the semester is almost over!)...

Gosh, I hope this is okay. I understand that she is representing DINET and I would not have had her make the calls if I didn't think she would do it with the utmost professionalism.

Okay, I have to go fall over now...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....

Thanks for checking in Ann...


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Hi Emily!

So sorry you are not doing well. I guess we had higher expectations for ourselves...well, it sounds like it will get done afterall. I finished with Dr James Russell (Michigan) and have not done any in quite some time. I got all of them done in the beginning when we first said we would do it. Good to hear from you!


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  • 1 month later...


I found this old post...I think that Erika did up to Michigan to match up with where Ann got? So, I thought that all of the doctors in the states had been called, but still have the international ones to do....

I can see if our new caregiver can do the international part? It may be a little while, as it will take a while for her to get in the groove of other stuff?

Let me know...


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I am totally confused???

Ann's post says that she did Alabama through Michigan...that unless noted the information is correct. She said that she made it to Dr. Russell. So Erika started at the BOTTOM of the list and called everything up to Michigan...So my understanding was that all of the in-state doctors had been called.

As for the international docs...I could have the new person look them up online and check the info. but I do not have an international calling plan. Am I remembering correctly that earlier on you said it would be okay to do it this way? Or would you prefer that each one be called?

Sorry I am so confused...I just don't want someone having to make calls on the top half of the list if they have already been done?


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Hi Emily,

I wasn't sure if Ann had finished off where you two had agreed to or not. I haven't received another email from her if she was supposed to do more. Sounds like you two may have covered everything, so sorry for any confusion.

Looking the international docs up online would be fine. B)



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daniel -

physicians are included upon patient suggestion but not until the physician has affirmed their desire to be included as well.

there is a link at the bottom of the physican finder page of the website where you (or anyone else of course) can submit their physician for inclusion on the list. the direct link is: http://www.dinet.org/physician_finder.htm

if you wish to do so please submit your doctor's info in that way.

thanks for your input,

B) melissa

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