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Here I am at Mayo....


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Hi everyone. I got out of the hosptial just in time to head out on my trip to Mayo. Well, I'm here and in the midst of a motility test. I had to eat radioactive scrambled eggs and then they take pictures every hour to watch them.

We met with the GI specialist yesterday and then they schedulded our week FULL of tests! I will also be seeing the autonomic specilists and have some testing done. All in all it is going to be a really tough week! I really don't know how I am going to hold up, but so far everything has gone really smoothly.

Just wanted to say Hi and tell you all I made it here. I can get on internet in some of the waiting rooms so I am check in and try to keep you updated throughout the week.

Love Roselover

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So glad to hear you're hanging in there and that all is going well at Mayo so far. I truly hope they find some answers and that you find a treatment that will provide you relief and some quality of life back!! :)

Keep us posted.



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I'm thinking of you!! Sorry I didn't get to email you before you left. I'm still recovering from my trip to Vandy. I do hope you get some answers and solutions this week while you are there.

I know the testing can be quite arduous but remind yourself it will only last a week and then hopefully you can rest when you get home.

Ask all the questions you need to while there (it's usually difficult to correspond with Mayo once you leave the facility because they are so busy & they expect your local Dr's to be your treating physicians).

Also, if you can, get copies of all your records before leaving because it's a bigger hassle once you've left.

Sending (((HUGS))) and good luck your way!! :)

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Guest Finrussak

THANK you for being brave enough to go thru all those tests!!! Not only will it help define your sx but it will help all of us in gaining understanding about our own stuff!!! Its so wonderful of you to care enough to want to go online and keep us informed all along the way!!! Hang in there and lets hope this will prove to be fruitful for you!!!

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