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Autonomic Neuropaty vs. Dysautonomia

Dizzy Dame

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Hi Lauren;

I have studied Dysautonomia extensively. If anyone disagrees, please correct me if I am wrong. To my understanding Autonomic Neuropathy is another aspect of Dysautonomia. Dysautonomia is defined as any Dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System. For example, Neuro CardioGenic Syncope, with symptoms being a drop in heart rate and fainting, is one aspect of Dysautonomia because it involved, amoung others, the vaso vagal response in the autonomic nervous system. Generalized Anxiety deals with the flight or fight response in the system

Autonomic Neuropathy, to my understanding, is damage to the system which would lead to dysfunction. It is like they are all wrapped up together and one can lead to the other or be caused by the other.

I hope I haven't confused anyone. And I hope that this is of some help to you or can give you more questions to take to your doctor. Take care and good luck to you on your healing journey.

KathyP :P

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I believe "Autonomic Neuropathy" is kind a of catch all phrase for a problem with the autonomic nervous system......

It points to nothing specific, but I know a lot of Dr's use it.

They also use this with Lyme Patients and say they have "neuropathy" which means a dysfunction in the nervous system.......

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generally speaking dysautonomia is the broadest term out there, sort of an umbrella terms that encompasses NCS/NMH, POTS/OI, PAF, MSA. one could also say that it includes autonomic neuropathy.

while there may be docs out there who use AN as a catch-all term, technically it means there is actual peripheral nerve damage. and there are tests that can show this fairly objectively (though of course not perfectly). for me the AN diagnosis was not given until i had some tests that indicated such. as such the theory is that AN is the cause behind my dysautonomia, which for me includes NCS, POTS/OI, neurogenic bladder, gastroparesis/dysmotility, possible PAF (according to doc notes i received today?), etc. of course that still leaves the cause of the AN as an unknown...

there are some that have one or more autonomic disorders who don't have neuropathy, although i have no idea what the percentages are. for instance someone with a centrally mediated autonomic nervous system disorder would not necessarily have neuropathy. it's one of the many causes (some known, some unknown) so for some may be interchangible but for others inapplicable.

:P melissa

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I also had autonomic neuropathy dx and from what I understand it's in the same category with dysautomia. Sometime my doctor writes autonomic neuropathy and sometime it's autonomic dysfunction. She said dysautomoni is an umbrella term for dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system.

The same as everyone else posted they can just explain it better than me.

Hope I helped alittle


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Here is a link that seems to make sence.


Corina (hopeful-girl)

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Guest CyberPixie

I assumed it was one and the same thing, just different Dr's use different terms. I've had mine called Autonomic Dysfunction and the Dr I saw recently said Autonomic Neuropathy and POTS.

So confusing! (Especially when you're confused half the time already!)

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