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Does Your BP get much lower at night?


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Hi all,

I have fallen in a POTS hole due to relentless stress at work these last few months (the workload finally subsided, but my body is still reeling from the aftermath).

My BP is low during the day, but I can function okay, even exercise. At night it drops even lower right before bed time....and then even lower while I sleep which makes it extremely difficult to get up and use the restroom at night without setting off a whole autonomic storm. Also, it feels like I'm passing out when I'm falling asleep or while I'm sleeping. Experiencing a lot of bradycardia while lying down and then tachy while sitting or standing.

Anyone else have the most trouble at night, and what do you do? It gets to the point where I develop anxiety about going to bed at night, b/c I know it's not going to be an unpleasant experience!

I'm doing everything I can think of, except I haven't tried compression hose yet. I am going to order them this week. However, I really need to wear them most at night when I'm more symptomatic, but previous threads on the board all have said that doctors tell you not to wear the hose while you sleep. Does anyone here sleep with there hose on?

Thanks for listening! :)


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Hi Gena

I am sorry to hear you are suffering at night. I too suffer horrible syptoms at night and in my opinion this is the worst part of POTS and NCS.

My BP also does strange things at night- sometimes high, sometimes low, as well as my HR that generally is low low low when lay down and really high when standing. Because of this I suffer chest pain, extreem sweats (I wake up looking like I have just got out of the bath) and I find it really difficult to get up.

For me what helps is drinking plenty of fluids, but at the same time this also makes things sooooo much worse. Drinking water helps initially but then of course what goes in must come out!!! Some nights I need to go to the loo 5 or 6 times. This is a big problem as I can't stand up after being lay down for that long- I stand up, I black out!! So I have to crawl to the bathroom and have to wake my husband up everytime to take me. I have constant brooses from where I fall trying to make it on my own!!

So I am really sorry I don't have too much advice there. I really don't know whats best. Just make sure you have a safe rout to the bathroom!!

I tried compression hose that DID help but my doctors told me NOT to wear them in bed as they can cause problems.

I also suffer bad cramps in my legs because of all thats going on so I find it helps to pile up cushions up under my legs to get the blood flowing again.

SOrry I can't help more, hope you feel better soon.

Katie x

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Hi Gena,

I also have bad brady episodes at night (in the hospital, they said my pulse went down to the thirties when I was asleep). I've managed by using my POTS against the brady: I prop up my head/upper body slightly when I fall asleep (using 2 pillows); and to counteract the blood pooling in the lower half, I also prop up my legs on one of those foam wedges. It seems to work for me, and I've managed to keep my brady to a minimum.

I tried wearing the compression hose, but I just pull them off in my sleep :)

I too used to feel like I was "fainting" when I fell asleep, to be honest, I wouldn't be suprised if I learned that's actually what was happening.

Good luck,

Lauren :)

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Thanks for your replies. Always good to know I'm not alone. I know I'll get out of this phase soon, but it might take me while. All I want is a good night's sleep! :)

Lauren - I prop up my head and my feet and it does seem to help. If I didn't do that I'd be in a heap of trouble! My problem is I often turn over to my left side while I'm sleeping and my heart can't function well at all when I do that.

Katie - I try to drink plent of fluids and salt too, and like you said it's a catch 22 b/c trying to go to the bathroom at night sets off our symptoms so badly. Last year I got a wheel chair which I keep by my bedside. I just skootch into it and keep my legs crossed in the chair and roll myself to the bathroom. I got tired of waking my husband up all the time to help me. It works pretty well. I get a little symptomatic still somtimes, but it's been a huge help. I don't need the wheel chair at all during the day, but it's a life saver at night and I don't have to ruin my hubby's sleep too.

Hayley - My BP can get into the 70s/over 40s while I'm sleeping. When I'm in a good phase it stays 80s/50s while I'm sleeping and I seem to be able to cope with that, although it's still a little unpleasant. During the day my bp rarely reaches 100/65, it usually hovers around 90/60 until night time.

Any other input is most appreciated! :)


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When I get in a bad POTS hole I take 1/2 my dosage of Proamatine before going to bed. I asked my cardiologist if I could have a stroke from it and he said that my BP goes to low so it is not dangerous for me. When I use it occasionally I sleep much better and I feel better when I wake up.

Since I have been using my CPAP I have had no syncope getting out of bed. I had that symptom for the last 18 years so this is a good progress.

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