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I've been diagnosed with POTS for over a year now, and have noticed an increase in what they call 'Uncontrollable Outbursts', during which, I either laugh, cry, or get quite rude and abusive to people close to me. As mentioned, they are uncontrollable - does anyone else suffer from these? Or, especially, have any type of 'cure' for them.

I am taking 200mg of Propranalol per day along with 2mg of Xanax.

SSRI's, Florinef, Mestinon and Sodium have been unsuccesful - bad reactions to all of them.

Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated - these outbursts are ruining my life!!!

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Not knowing your age or sex, who knows why you are having "uncontrolled" outburst? I am the caretaker to a teen with POTS, honestly, there are days when I am more emotionally challenged than she, and I'm 43. I can remember a time in my life (about 20 yrs ago, I'm soooo old), when I would "go off" for no good reason, this was b/f the days of Prozac, mind you. Seems to me the Xanax should "mellow" your mood, (I take this on plane rides, I totally don't care where I'm going then). Looking back, it was definately "hormone induced" rage, ie, PMS...


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I don't know your age either ...it could be hormones. Or catecholamine surges...You even been check for a pheochromacytoma? (tumor of the adrenal gland) or done a 24 hour urine collection for testing?

Sounds frustrating.

"cat" surges are common in many of us and also in cases of domestic violence. Not to excuse all violence on hormonal pro problems with catecholamines, but I read about a study YEARS ago that tested some men with this problem.

It's tough to deal with chronic illness but i have many days where my own moods bother me or depress me.

Were you like this before the propranalol? I only take 10mg of that stuff as needed but BB's can cause mood problems for MANY people. Just wondered if that might be a connection.

**edit** think link mentions moods may be affected by that medication!! And you are on a good sized dose,


Hope you get some relief.


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Thanks for the info.

I am male, 28 y/o.

I was told by my neurologist that these outbursts are a symptom in people with nervious system disorders. They are never violent (in that I hit people) - but leave me feeling awful for days afterward. At least I'm in no way violent. But, unfortunately managed to completely make an arse of myself by being extremely rude and irrational to my father and his partner over the weekend.

They are still trying to find the cause for my POTS, my MRI shows 'hyperintensities', and mentions Vasculitis as a probable cause for ischeamic white matter changes - I'm completely lost with all of this.

Well, there, you go, I just did a quick search in google which shows that Vasculitis of the brain can have behavioural disturbances etc. Maybe it's that and not the POTS. I am sure the Propranalol doesn't help either, but without that dosage my resting rate is always well over 100 bpm, which gets uncomfortable after several days, weeks etc...

Florinef gives me an unbarable migraine, Mestinon REALLY upsets my stomach, and the Sodium tabs just make me vomit uncontrollably.

Anyhow, I have a check up again with the Neurologist in a few weeks - I'll let you know how I go.


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Before diagnosis and treatment, my husband used to get those types of rude/irrational outbursts (also without any violence) but hurtful and confusing to others just the same. My guess is that it has been the Effexor as he was on a high dose of Xanax for what was first diagnosed as anxiety. He also went through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) during that time (about 4 years ago) and I know he is much better at recognizing and controlling any potential mood slips.

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It's good to know I'm not the only one who has suffered with this.

My problem is that from what I gather it may be the Vasculitis of the Brain that has triggered the POTS, and from the research I have done and from what my doctors tell me Vasculits has these symptoms, but unfortunately, I was very sensitive to the chemicals in the medication they gave me for that, so voluntarily stopped taking them.

The POTS is the main problem, as it affects my everyday life, the Vasculitis only every so often (if that is what is causing these outbursts). It's hard though to explain this uncontrollable behaviour to someone who doesn't seem to understand (like my family).

I lead a fairly normal life for a 28 yo, however get tired very easily, and unfortunately faint a LOT, but I have done that since being a child, and back then doctors didn't really know what the cause was, everything seemed normal, apart from a slightly fast heart rate. But as I generally now only see my family for a few hours at a time, they can't understand the trouble I have on a day-to-day basis, like the laboursome task of getting out of bed in the morning - I have to do it very slowly to avoid fainting.

Another issue I notice, which really bugs me is that I was, and to a certain degree still am a good bagpiper, but that plays severe havoc with the POTS - having to stand to long periods, whilst blowing large volumes of air into a small tube constantly - but I refuse to give up!

Anyway, the neurologist has sent a tonne of my blood to be anylised to see if there is a genetic problem that may be easily curable if they can find it.

If not, there are talks of ablation and pace-makers or treatment with adrenaline and all sorts - arrrgghh.

Anyway, I feel some relief knowing that I am not along with this outburst problem - any hints on how to explain it to the family??? B)

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Hi and welcome! I would think that irritable mood swings can be part and parcel of not only POTS, vasculitis, but just of the daily grind of dealing with a chronic illness.

Please check out various posts about ablations, pacemakers and POTS. I speak from experience--be very careful before going down that route. It is not a solution for POTS but may help in other circumstances.

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HI there,

I certainly didn't mean to IMPLY YOU were violent, just stating a fact about out of control catecholamines. They can mess with our MOODS big time. Difference between angry outbursts and hitting. But it's the same trigger brainwise, temporary loss of impulse control at times...I've had these.

Also, the TV SHOW HOUSE I think did a show about a violent inmate...and he had something...I thought it was a pheo but that was a few weeks ago.

ANYWAY, many of uf have rotten moods that we are aware of and it stinks.

Also congrats on your ablility to play Bagpipes!! That is no doubt making you feel crummy at times but not perpetually...unless you play daily? Because isn't playing a wind instrument kind of like a valsava maneuver? The latter used in dx ANS problems.

Yes just dealing with POTS and meds and stuff is enough to affect our moods. I hope you get some answers soon. Good luck.

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when i use to feel constantly naseaus (sp?) and my body hurt alot i use to get REALLY irritated and get pretty rotton to be around. (my poor family).

Once those feelings subsided so did my moods. I always put it down to toxins being stuck in my body and making me feel ill and body hurt .. and they also affected the mind... i still get it from time to time but on a less regular basis. Migranes can also make me go whacky.

Hopefully yours will pass with time *fingers crossed* .. or hope you may get some answers at how to deal with it in the meantime.

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Thank you everyone for your support, it's encouraging to know that there may be solution somewhere.

Yes, playing a wind instrument is very much like Valsalva - and especially the bagpipes that need a lot of pressure, probably more than any other wind instrument to play. I would love to play every day, but can't - I have a smaller set which I can play sitting down, and don't have so many problems with those - it's the big ones (Great Highland Bagpipes), that give me lightheadedness etc. I take precauctions before performing in public though - making sure I'm REALLY hydrated, and find an extra dose of Propranalol helps to stop my heart racing and my BP from dropping drastically.

Anyhow, I'm starting to feel a lot better after my episode, thanks to the replies - I don't feel like such a freak now.

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No you are not a freak :) It is hard for people who dont see us in the 'tough' times to understand. My dad saw me in the tough times and still found my moods hard to deal with and i think he took it somewhat personally. (its understanable if they have not experienced health issues i suppose)

I cant blow ballons up let alone blow bagpipes! :)

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I alsao have serious mood swings. I get to overwhelmed and over stimulated anf I end up flying off the handle and I can't handle things well.

I have gone off on a raging rant with my daughter when she pushes me to the limits. I end up being like the kids having the temper tantrum LOL I HATE it and I am aa where of it. I can apologise afterwards but I say hurtful thing some times such as I would be better off not around. Stuff like that. I just feel like this HUGE burden and why be around. I feel like I lost my mechanism to deal with things and I get so confused easy. I can not follow long converstationsa nd I can let people twist thingson me and such that makes me really doubt what I just thought or said. OH **** here I go off on my little typing sprees LOL

I just want to say I really relate and you are not the only one. And I am gald this was brought up because it is nice not to feel crazy like I am the only one!

Thanks for this topic

Corina (hopeful-girl)

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Hi Hopeful-Girl,

It sounds as though you are echoing my problems - as horrible as it sounds, I am glad I am not the only one - although I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

It's hard to explain to people what POTS is, it's not like diabetes etc where people know a fair bit about it - POTS is misunderstood, and I often get accused of being lazy, aloof, easily-distracted with unpredictable moods etc - I think most of us with POTS have the same trouble. It seems to be the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I have friends that think it is just a fancy way of saying you're lazy. But then ADHD was misunderstood not so long ago, and people thought it was just an excuse to have have naughty children - now people seem to understand that it is a REAL thing. One day I guess people will understand POTS and CFS.

Anyway, this forum has been a godsend for me - to be able to talk to so many other people in the same boat is great.

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I'm getting terrible with outbursts at the moment. EVery day I ring my parents crying, trlling them I can't last the course I'm doing- it's like blind panic, and it's never ever happened to me before. I have to say that it is markedly worse since 4 days of fludrocortisone which I have now stopped.

It's just horrific- I'm falling further and further behind with my work, and the more that happens, the more upset I become until I sob and can't speak for sobbing.

It was my dream to come here and lsowly that dream is being taken away.

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I am so sorry you're going through this. I know exactly how you feel and I have been going through something similar. I have my dream job and I have been fearful that I was going to lose it. Finally, I faced that fear and went to my superiors and simply laid it on the line about how ill I am. I am now on sick leave, with a guarantee of my job being there, when I return. Don't lose your dream. If you have to step away from it for a little, just tell the right people and ask them to reassure you that the dream will continue when you return.

I was diagnosed in 2003, but I have hidden this thing from my colleagues and superiors until this fall when the illness became so florid that it became obvious to everyone. I didn't want the illness to be the thing that defined me in their eyes. However, when I think about the effort I put into hiding it, it took a huge effort. It's amazing how voicing my fears actually freed me from them.

Don't give up the dream. You can find options. Ask for what you want and see what happens.

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Guest Julia59

My mood swings are mostly when i'm having a hyper adrengic spell. And during those I can get mean--meaning I get snappy---and I don't want anyone to be around me. I get very rigid, and I need it very quiet so I can calm myslef.

My husband has tried to hold me or hug me and i'll shoo him away. I explain to him that I don't mean any harm---and that when he wants to hold me it feels like restraints. It's terrible----absolutely terrible. He understands now and just sits near me until I feel safe and start calming down.

I have had these spells for a long time---- along with tachycardia. The other junk---the fatigue, digestion issues, dizziness, near syncope, balance issues ect.

Later I found out about problems with my upper spine and brain stem, EDS, CFS----after the diagnosis of pots. I was also told I have a prominant vertebral artery that runs along side the brain stem.

Anyway----I don't know what causes what----but I know my mood gets bad when I have those spells---or when i'm in a lot of pain. I'll get very snappy.

But I have seen worse with women with PMS---really. I try not to be too hard on myslf for this---all the rest of the stuff is hard enough.

I just think we have so much going on with our bodies that it is bound to affect our mood---especially since the ANS controls the endocrine system too. :D

Julie :0)

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