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American Dysautonomia Institute


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This is interesting. I went to their links page and it had some other useful links as well. One of the links is great for really differentiating POTS, orthostatic Hypotension, dysautonomia, etc. from each other. Great info Steph. Thanks.


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thanks for posting this site. I had never heard of it either!

The problems with NIH and funding reminds me of the fight the CFS groups had in the early 90's!! Sheesh.

It's pitiful all the money is spent on dx and not more on treatment. So sad Dr. Streeten passed away..he was so ahead of his time in his fascination with the ANS. I hope in the future some media enlightment may help show how WIDESPREAD this illness is (over 500,000 estimated to have ANS according to many specialist) And not to mention MANY not dx or wrongly dx.

Great site!

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