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Compression hose

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I'm Hillary. I'm new to the forum and also somewhat new to the world of POTS. And i was wondering if anyone wears compression hose and if they actualy help. One of the doctors i saw in NYC suggested using them. I am in the process of trying to finish Beauty school and was wondering if they might be helpful so i can get my hours in and get my license. Thanks!

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Welcome to the site.

Yes, I wear compression hose or compression socks just about all the time. From the time I wake to the time I lay down for bed, (unless showering, or swimming,) I have them on. I have found for me, I can't do much walking without them.

They actually helped me stand for 4 hours yesterday. I love my compression hose.

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I wear waist-high compression stockings (30 to 40 mm Hg compression) every day, from the time that I get up to the time that I go to bed. They make a dramatic difference in how I feel. Not surprisingly, they also make a difference in my blood pressure measurements.

Especially when I'm feeling particularly wretched, I get orthostatic diastolic hypertension, which means that the bottom number of my blood pressure reading goes up when I stand up. The result is a narrowing of pulse pressure (the difference between the top and bottom number of the blood pressure). The consequence of that is a decrease in circulation in the brain. My doctor told me that the increase in diastolic pressure represents my body's attempt to keep the blood going through my brain even though I don't really have enough blood to tolerate standing up. I've taken my blood pressure lying down, sitting and standing without and then with the stockings. Huge difference. I even did a tilt-table test without and with the stockings, so the effect of my stockings on my POTS has been documented at a major medical center. However, I still qualified for the POTS diagnosis even with the stockings on, so they are not a complete, magical cure.

Helpful hints for using compression hose:

:) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for laundering them. I bought the special detergent for them. Don't use Woolite or similar products, or you will lose the elasticity.

:blink: Keep your fingernails short until you are practiced at putting the stockings on, otherwise you can put a hole or a run in them.

:) The stockings can put intense pressure on your toenails, which can be painful if you have pressure sensitive toenails or are at risk for ingrown toenails. I cut holes in the toes of my stockings to relieve the pressure on my toes. Be very careful with your toes if you are diabetic.

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hi hillary -

welcome! i'm sorry you have reason to be here but glad you found the forum. hopefully you'll find it a place with lots of good info & support.

re: the hose, i wear them often & do find them to be helpful. i can't tolerate them when it's too hot or when my skin is acting up (i sometimes get pressure rashes) but when i can wear waist-high hose that are 30-40mmHg. there are types with & without toes. tips that others have given are good & you may also want to do a search to read past discussions. (the search function is in the upper right hand part of the screen....i'd try compression hose &/or support hose for the search).

hope this helps!

:blink: melissa

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Hi Hillary,

welcome around (again, I just answered your other post about hair loss). I'm wearing compression hose as well and it definately makes a difference. I noticed when I was in the car once (next to my husband driving) that I felt so sick and not able to read the map (we were travelling in France last summer). I asked him to stop and I put on the hose and after some (short) time I was feeling better and able to read the map again. So not wearing them, for me isn't an option. My husband told me we better get a navigation system in our new to buy car because I'm (cognitive) much worse than some years ago. I'm often to slow and have trouble reading (the map). I think he's right (although of course I HATE it).

Corina :lol:

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