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Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

I've been having stomach pains lately, and then tonight, after eating, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my stomach. It was so severe that I actually fell to the floor (which was embarassing since we were in a restaraunt) and then I started sweating. We went to the urgent care clinic, and they told me I probably have an ulcer. They prescribed an antacid, and told me to follow up with my doctor.

I'm wondering though, do ulcers cause that much pain? Have any of you experienced ulcers? Could this have something to do with my POTS? Also, do you feel comfortable taking prescription antacids?

So many questions I'm getting dizzy (he he).


Lauren :)

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Hi Lauren..

I dont have ulcers.. but I do get the stomach pains that you speak of..

Now I am assuming that since you have this in a restaruant.. that you had just got done eating?

POTS can cause pain in your stomach and guts... I'm not sure of the proper name of it though...Um Dr. Grubb told me last week that peoplew/pots and who have BP issues tend to have alot of bowel problems..

Anyways.. ontop of having pots ..I have GERD and IBS.. I also have the POTS related stomach trouble too..

Um if you have an ulcer or some kind of GERD(acid reflux) it will cause pain.. I tkae prevacid 30mg 2x's aday and I also take Levsin every 4 hours as needed when I get nausea, tummy pain.. and stuff.. also I seem to take alot of pepto bismol too for heart burn...

I'm sorry If i 'm not directly answering your question...

In regards to taking antacids..talk to your doctor about it.. explain your concerns...

I hope that the tummy starts to feel better soon!



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Hi Lauren..

I totally understand your wanting it to be something that is treatable.. and with proper treatment will heal and go away...

I hope that al goes well for you at the docs.. and that he can shed some light onto things with you..


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HI Lauren,

IM Lizzy ,I hope we can post some ansers here.I have been haveing the same thing for a way too long. doc thought it was my gallballatter so he ttook it out.3 mouth ago.Im still on soup and jello water .alot of pain you talk of. doc just stats my guts are just red and eretated that in time my body will ajust.with meds.BUT IM not a very pataent person.I love food .and hate pain .

sorry so long.

please please keep post on results.

good luck. lizzy

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Sorry you're feeling bad, Lauren. I have a lot of tummy troubles. Inflammatory bowel stuff. I used to have ulcers and reflux, but it went away after I had my gallbladder out. Definitely talk to your doctor and let her/him diagnose your troubles. I hope it's something easy to treat and that you get to feeling better soon.


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I have an ulcer and I can tell you from personal experience that yes it can cause tremendous pain...

I got diagnosed last year and was in the hospital a few days b/c of it...

I take portonex every day and try to avoid trigger foods like anything spicey or too rough...

I still get flare ups...

I would definetly see a gastro...he will most liely want to do some testing....

My tests included an endoscopy, Cat Scan, and Upper GI series....

Good Luck and hope you feel better :huh:

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