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Hi everyone, I went for my first appointment with a dysautonomia specialist on Monday.. after a very thorough examination we decided that the next step is to try another drug called clonidine. I have to be admitted to the hospital for probably 2 nights b/c the doctor said it will either make me feel fantastic or worse than I have ever felt so I need to be monitored for the entire time. I had never heard of this medication before and upon some research it says that its often used for high blood pressure which is the opposite of my problem. Has anyon tried it to treat neurocardiogenic syncope or orthostatic hypertension???

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I have not tried it yet but I have a feeling that will be one of the things Vanderbilt will try on me.

It has been listed as an option to try by the Mayo clinic but they basically said I could try it because it's one of the very few I haven't tried but given my symptoms they feel I would be worse on it.

Some people do have success with it though, especially in combination with other meds.

I think it's worth you giving it a try and it's nice to know you will be in the hospital monitored so they will be able to help you right away if it makes you feel worse.

Keep us posted on what you decide and how it works for you.

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stace -

i don't have any knowledge of the med, but it's great that you hvae a doc willing to work with you; that is key. and while hospitals are no fun, i think it's a good plan for trying a new med. i'm playing with some new med doses at the moment which is making everyone a bit nervous as i'm on my own....

good luck!


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For me, I've had some positive outcomes from it, and also negative outcomes. On the positive side, my heart rate really calmed down and my blood pressure was beautiful. As far as negative goes, I was more anxious and cried at the drop of a hat, so it messed with my emotions. And just recently, my POTS doc is weaning me off of it because it may have cause my phlebitis, because it started at the same time. But it's just a hunch. I'd say it's worth a try. See how you do.

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I had great success with clonidine the first time around (pre-GB surgery) and a horrible time the second time around (post GB surgery).

I like that your dr. will be supervising you.

I think what kept me from having a horrible reaction though when it did work was going on it really slowly--starting with 1/2 tablet.

It was my miracle drug the first time around. I loved it. (Have you read old posts on it? I recommend doing a search for Clonidine and reading up on it...I know that morgan and I have both written on it in-depth in the past).

The second time around, not so much...couldn't tolerate even 1/4 of a tablet and after surgery when I was still on the full tablet I had major bp drops at night on it...

Let me know if you find the old posts helpful or still need some more info...

Hope this helps and hope the med works for you! I loved it and wish it hadn't stopped working for me!


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