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Dan Smith of NDRF Surgery is Today


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From the NDRF site:

Hello Everyone, it is quite late as I post this, but I need ALL of your Prayers and Well Wishes today for Dan. This is a Serious Operation, that requires alot from the Medical Experts who will be doing the surgery. I ask that Today as he comes to your mind, you say a prayer for him as well as for Linda and the kids. You have All been blessed by Linda and Dan, by their creating this (NDRF) forum and spending countless hours to help so many of you. Today is the DAY to remember Dan. They are grateful to those of you who have taken the time to remember them through cards , well wishes and prayers. Always, Lisa

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Dan and Linda,

I'm sending you my prayers and wishes for a safe and successful surgery.

You both are a blessing to all of us---and you have helped so many. I wish I could be there to help you now. Wishing you both all the support you need to get through this.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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thanks so much for the update. dan & linda & the entire family have definitely been in my thoughts & prayers...with an extra dose today.

:) melissa

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