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Wierd Chest Pain

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

Starting about yesterday, I developed chest pain. It lasts for a few minutes, and resolves when I lay down. It's kind of a pressure on my chest, not a shooting pain about a 1 to 2 out of 10. I went to my GP and got an EKG and they said everything looks normal (this was yesterday). But the pain kept me awake almost all last night, and it's been coming and going today. I'm worried, but I DO NOT want to go to the ER.

Do any of you get this? Should I be worried?



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Know the feeling only too well when my chest hurts. All my cardiologists tell me it's a natural reaction- feeling pain in the chest- to the abrupt changes in rate. Also if you have Ehlers Danlos (which many ofd us POTSies do) then that can exacerabte the pain as well. it *****:) But at least you're not alone! :P

If you're stil worried though, go back to the Doc. I would!

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My docs have been good about taking my CP symptoms seriously, probably more so then myself. I didn't even realize that I had EKG changes until I was admitted this past summer for stomach problems and they did a routine EKG.

All chest pain should be taken seriously until you are told otherwise by a cardiologist. They might want to wear a king of hearts or a holter monitor on you to see what is going on.

I know many of us experience chest pain and arrhythmias, some more than others. But before you jump on the nothing wrong band wagon get it checked out.

Be safe, not sorry :lol:


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I've had this weird, pressure-like chest pain at various times since developing POTS, but mostly in the six months after I first developed the illness. My heart tests (echo, EKG, Holter, event monitor) always come out normal. Get it checked out thoroughly, though, to be sure.


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