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Rectal / Stool Bleeding

Tiner's Roscoe

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My daughter has been experiencing intermittent rectal bleeding (in her stool and on the toilet paper) for the past 2 years with her POTS. She has had a colonscopy and an endoscopy and all was good, with the exception of one stretched pocket in between the large and small intestine that usually means there is a blockage, but they could not find any blockage. In addition, she has had a Meckel Scan and all was clear there as well. Also they checked her gallbladder and female organs, again all clear.

She experiences high volumes of GI pain all the time. Some days are more painful than others. We can put no pattern to her discomfort.

When she was at the New York Medical College, they tested her blood pooling and indicted that she pools most of her blood in her stomach, as opposed to her legs.

In a desperate need to make sense of this all I am correlating the blood pooling to the pain and rectal bleeding.

Does anyone have any insight I may be able to share with my doctor on this matter?

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I had the same scary symptom for two years and FINALLY was diagnosed with enodmetriosis on my colon. I had a total hysterectomy last summer and my life has been much better in that department. Good luck!


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Hi..I have similar problmes with rectal bleeding...

I seen a GI doc... and I am suppose to have a colonoscopy done...to se if they can find the source of the bleeding

things in the GI region get very painfu...l find that I will rock back and forth...I dont know why I just do it automatically..

I have no suggestions for pain relief. sorry.. I wish i did..

good luck.. and I hope that your daughter feels better soon..

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Welcome! My first thought would also be hemorrhoids, although I'd expect them to tell you that. Is it bright red blood or dark? My son gets that but it's because he has a lot of acid in his stools, he has crohn's, and it's severe irritation in the skin folds of the "cheeks" Does her skin get excoriated? It sounds like they have ruled out internal type stuff, which is great, but it's still pretty frustrating and scary. We buy those moist wipes and my son has to pat carefully and make sure he's dry. He's been known to bleed a fair amount from the skin from acid poop. Good luck! morgan

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