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Body and head swaying side to side


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I have been noticing sometimes that when I am sitting I will all of a sudden notice that my body is swaying side to side and sometimes my head will shake (not usually at the same time) -- not side to side or up and down but like one ear up and then the other side up ( can't figure out how to explain that) Also my balance has gotten really bad, I fell in the closet about a week ago and the saga of my toe. I feel like I can't catch myself. Do you guys get anything like this?

Maybe just a weird pahse but since it has been going on awhile I thought I would investigate but how do you look up head shaking ear up and down on google. :):)

Any other head shaker body swayers here, I wish it was because I was dancing but sadly only sitting :)

Thanks for any info

Stacey :-)

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Stacey, try looking up "tremor" or "essential tremor", in the medical context, not as in earthquakes!! See if this is what you are experiencing. And, of course, you should mention it to your doctor. I have tremors in my hands and legs, particularly after a bad heart rate/ BP episode. But I don't have the head shaking thing. It just SEEMS like my head is swaying from side to side, more like a visual disturbance. Mine is from inner ear problems as a result of lifelong allergies and ear infections. But definitely look up essential tremor. Many people have tremors in their bodies, esp. head and hands.

Hope this helps.


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The first thing I thought of after reading your post was an "essential tremor" ~ my mom and brother have it. This kind of tremor is not life threatening, it happens when you are at rest rather than moving/active. I'd mention it to your doctor. If you have a neurologist, I would have him/her check it out to make sure it's not POTS related.

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