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History of Dysautonomia?

Guest 12StringANSGuitar

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Guest 12StringANSGuitar

Hi. I wanted to know if any members have any historical knowledge of when any of these Dysautonomias first appeared in medical journals.

The reason for this is so to try to pin down a time line that may have co-incided specific events, or cycles of growth in certain areas of the science community(like pharmaceuticals, etc) that may have acted as catalysts for the generation of new malady's or diseases.

Also. I want to apologize for my comments yesterday. I didn't think I was criticizing any specific organization, but I could see how it would be interpreted as such.

And I also want to apologize to anyone reading what I wrote, because although my comments were my inner feelings, possibly they shouldn't have been placed here; so I am sorry.



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Guest 12StringANSGuitar

Alright, thankyou. Well that eliminates one theory.

Timeline is much further back than my thinking was gearing to.

Still, I wonder of any causal ties to some science/medical innovations of any paticular period in history.

Late 1800's? I was way off on my idea yesterday.

Now I'm geared to thinking of early vaccines.

I'm thinking as I'm writing this.....if it were linked to introduction of vaccines, or any pharmaceuticals(recent or historical), then 'trauma theory' becomes questionable- or does it?

What if something were lying dormant within our cells, and possibly all it would take would be trauma of a specific variety?

I wonder if it is possible to create a model in vitro, and initiate circumstances to test a theory of induced trauma as being cause?

I'm guessing obviously, but I wonder what can be accomplished within this in vitro environment.

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Hi Jeff;

Since the moment I was diagnosed with dysautonomia I have done extensive research on everything from it's origin, to what causes it and up to date treatments and medication. There are so many aspects of dysautonomia from symptoms to treatments. Since we are all so different in terms of what works and what doesn't, and the different symptoms, it is difficult to get an exact time line on the origin. My guess would be that this may be the reason why doctors have such a hard time understanding the syndrome and developing a plan for treatment.

If someone were to ask me to explain dysautonomia in one sentence it would be, "It is a short circuit (bad connection) hidden somewhere in the electrical (autonomic nervous) system, in our body, that is extremely difficult to find."

As for my specific type of dysautonomia, which is MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)/Dysautonomia, I felt there were some interesting conditions diagnosed several years ago that fit well with my experiences. I have read about it back to the civil war periods when they called it "Soldier's Heart". This is where the soldiers developed a condition of over fatigue, racing heart and instances of anxiety attacks. This was caused by battle fatigue and post traumatic stress. When the men were diagnosed with this they were discharged from service and rendered disabled. Leading a quiet life helped some and others were bed ridden.

I don't know if you watch old movies but there is a referance to some people getting so over stimulated or so stressed out that they would faint. Doctors called this "the vapors". This would happen to some and not to others. In the documents I have read, they stated that this could have been connected to some form of dysautonomia. There was no treatment for this. Just smelling salts and rest.

With the way society is today and the "hurry up" lifestyle it is no wonder how stress is becoming a huge factor in our physical well being. I think that it is all in the way that everyone is uniquely "wired". Some have it some don't. Some were born with it or some have stressed and worn themselves to it. As for myself, my Dad has NeuroCardiogenic Syncope. So I was, more than likely, predisposed for dysautonomia since birth. I also tend to spread myself very thin and have more stress than I can handle. This exacerbates my symptoms.

I have found that, for myself, the origins really don't help me with my treatment today. But it sure is interesting to know! It is also comforting to know that what I have won't kill me. There are so many options that I have discussed with my doctor. A few have worked well. What is most important is to concentrate on the positives. I hope this helps with your own personal research. Take care.

KathyP :)

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i just watched some of the NDRF tapes so have them handy & will post the actual studies/dates in the next few days when i'm able....

:) melissa

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I have no idea if this is right or not but I just thought that I would throw it out there. I have read and heard several times(on another board) that Julius Caesar may have had some form of Dysautonomia because he had seizures and some of the symptoms that some of us have. Sorry if this isn't right but I just thought that I would put it in. Who knows, that was so long ago that it could have gotten shuffled around in history that it is completely messed up. I found it quite interesting. Also, I was watching another tape(not the NDRF ones) and there were several doctors on there and one was saying that he thought that Dysautonomia has been around for basically forever(as long as humans have been around) but is just now being recognized and researched.

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I studied this a few years ago and I also posted it along the way. Starting from the earliest mention of this illness, how it has evolved and I attached some cute photos from the turn of the century. You might want to do your own research and use the different names that this illness has been labeled and this is very important follow the military timeline as it mentions this illness and it proves how obvious it's been in men.


Soldier's Heart

irritable heart

effort syndrome


idiopathic hypovolemia

hyperadrenergic orthostatic hypotension

vasoregulatory asthenia

Timeline on Military with similar illness or called War Syndromes (very interesting)



You should also do research on Dioxin

Neurasthenia disorder info sheet


AKA put out by CS group - kind of interesting


OK that's it for now

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IF you believe in evolution, then my thoughts might be interesting. When we transitioned from walking on all fours to being upright, our nervous system needed to evolve to allow blood flow to the brain. Perhaps our bodies did not evolve properly. We continue to have children because the illness is not deadly, so we pass the illness through the centuries. We were not "selected out" of the genetic pool.

I know evolution vs. creation is controversial, so I hope no-one is offended. I personally think that evolution AND creation occured.


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When I saw Dr Grubb in April he pulled up a picture of a woman slumped over a chair and a Dr taking her pulse... the pic was taken in the 1600's

Dr Grubb also told me that he has found literature from archives in England from the 1800's documenting this problem. They just did not have the technology at the time to do anythiung about it.

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the info others have posted is almost the same as what i was going to track down from the tapes so i'm backing out of my "i'll post it later" promise!


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Your vaccination very, personally I think highly unlikely but here is a link to early vaccination


I like Eli's answer and I've heard it before but if that was true everyone would probably be effected to a certain degree. But it could definitely be one more factor.

My friend's theory was this - If you look at a metal beam (our body) and you and enough weight, stress, elements of the weather (factors) eventually it's going to reach a point where it gives out. I happen to agree with that to a certain degree.

But since other members in my family suffer from this and other genetic disorders I think that is a factor.

I think you're like most of us looking for an answer "why me" and I'm not sure that you will find the right one but there are a lot of good theories.

Check out this link as I post it often because it is very well written and has some good web links at the bottom.


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