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swelling in legs/hands

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Hello. I did a search, and looked at the past posts and really did not find a lot of people have swelling. I wear the 20-30mg full hose. I noticed my legs were swelling by my knees and above them. I have also been noticing my hands feel tight. Any ideas? Is this POTS? Could it be from drinking too much and salt (although I do not think I eat that much salt.)? I just hate all these symptoms. I could write a book of just symptoms. Thanks, JenniferTX

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I have a terrible time with this. Jim calls me sausage arms. :lol: He is so romantic :lol: . Anyway this is a new symptom for me and no understanding why. I don't do the salt either. We are interesting aren't we!

Stacey :-)

We really need a spell checker on this thing. I type every post twice! :-)

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I get what is called "third spacing" where my water goes into my tissues. I mainly get this in my legs and arms and at times have had it all aorund.

I learned from dr Grubb that in my casemy Hypermobility and collegen issue come sinto play as well as my lyme disease. Both have weakened my collegen and my veins become "leaky" as he called it...this in turn displaces my fluid intracellular.

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