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Heart Rate Monitor


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I was looking to get a HR monitor watch, (possibly the Nike Imara), but found advice on one web-site which said that the strap-type were not suitable for ladies, as they were designed with men in mind, and do not allow for women's underwear. The site suggested a sports bra, but I wondered if any of you have had any problems, since I have never heard this before!

I know that you can get strapless ones, but I wanted something that could monitor closely when I felt ill so I could see what was happening with my pulse.

Thanks in advance.



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Well, I am a guy, but I have a Reebok wrist-watch heart monitor, no strap needed, and except for width of wrist men and women are less different there than in the chest so I feel I can comment. LOL. It only monitors when you press a button. But it's right there on the wrist. When I wore a strap one that goes with my exerbike, I compared it to this, and they were within a beat or two of measurement of each other, so I view it as reliable.

I will say, with the wrist, you need to give it a good settling down time.

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I use the mio petite, ecg accurate watch. no strap needed, not bulky or ugly like some of the others. I had a polar w/ the strap and while it worked ok I hated it because I'm a bit busty and it was hard to keep the strap in the correct position.


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Where can you fing these heart reat monitors and are they real expensive? We are on a budjet now that I am home, and we have a military fixed income. Anyone have TRICARE PRIME INS or Military Dr's?

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