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  1. Hi Everyone, I have begun to notice a bit of a pattern occurring when I am coming down with a bug and I wondered if anyone else had had the same and if it is a POTS thing. I suddenly start to feel very depressed, I do not normally suffer from depression (if fact I am quite upbeat!) but I descend into a severe depression when I get a fever, and sometimes it is the first sign I am getting a virus. Additionally, I get brain fog where I can't remember things which would normally be so easy for me, and I feel generally agitated. It would make sense if it was a POTS thing since external temperatur
  2. Dear Everyone, Does anyone get episodes of bradycardia in the morning? I have just had a holter done and I am going down to 38bpm at this time. I also get SVT and sinus tachycardia as well as the POTS, but I don't understand how the bradycardia fits in with all this. Thanks. Luv, MJ
  3. Dear ALL, Thanks so much for all your replies. The diltiazem has now slowed me down, however I have had to come off it because I think that it was beginning to slow me down too much. I also have episodes of bradycardia in the morning so I have to be careful. I am going to be seen at BARTS in London on January 2nd so that they can evaluate both the v-tach and the supraventricular tachy. THanks again for everything. Love, MJ
  4. Thanks Morgan, I really appreciate your reply. My real problem is not understanding what is going on. If it is just POTS then ok, this is just a nuisance, but I don't understand all the other things that are happening to me. Could it be that the atropine has triggered an autonomic response which is lasting longer than in most people. Any replies or advice is welcomed. Thanks, love, MJ
  5. Hi Everyone, I was previously diagosed with POTS and with ehlers danlos syndrome. It's been a while since I posted but I have been in real trouble lately! In late September, my pharmacist accidentally gave me atropine eye drops instead of my normal artificial tears prescription (they are packaged very similarly!). I took it for about 7 days without realising, and firstly I lost vision for 2 weeks. Additionally, I felt really unwell, and I had a racing heartbeat. Basically, I have had sinus tachy since then. I was admitted into hospital towards the end of October because I became very bad,
  6. Hi, I've tried compression hose of different strengths and I have found that I can't tolerate 20 strength and above. I don't mind the effort to get them on , but they make the flesh on my legs really sore and uncomfortable. It's almost like my legs are saying, 'please do not squeeze me so tight'. I am currently wearing what we here in the UK call flight socks they are knee high of 14-17 strength these I can tolerate really well, and they help to stop the terrible aching which I get in my legs. I just wondered if anyone else found this, or if I am the only one. I do have EDS and so I wonde
  7. Hi there, I have gone down with a flu type illness and this is making me tachycardic. I get so tired when my pulse rate increases like this, I am breathless and exhausted. I know that everyone's pulse rate increases with a fever, but I wondered if viruses are known to make POTS worse and how you all cope if you get the flu etc.. I am not taking any meds for POTS but do suffer with it quite badly (can't work etc), I also have EDS. I've not seen any post about this but would be interested to know how you all cope when ill. Also, does POTS mean that it takes longer to get over the virus? Thank
  8. Hi, I would be really grateful for any advice on the following. Last Friday I basically missed two "proper meals", and most probably did not get sufficient fluid. Over the weekend I had a really bad migraine. I do suffer from menstrual migraine and so thought that it may be due to this as well. I am used to getting pain and discomfort in the eyes with this, but on Saturday I had a very strange sensation. It felt like hot fluid flowing from the inner portion of the eye to the outer portion and I felt it under the eye near to the cheek bone. I had a pulse varying from rather slow 60 to tach
  9. Hi Everyone, Firstly, can I give a real big group hug to every single one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got no idea how touched I was by all your replies. I am normally ok, struggling like everyone else, but basically I get through with a smile on my face, and I am always ready for a laugh, but sometimes the depth of our situation really gets to you and it's frightening. I think that it is true as some of you have said that when it's taken a while to accomplish something and all our thoughts and efforts for a long time have been tuned to it that when it is over we are left wondering
  10. Hi, I'd really appreciate some support at the moment, things have been tough, but the worst of it is I am really taking everything out on myself. I've been really bad with POTS and EDS since I was about 15 (I'm now 32). Everything has been a big struggle since then. Last year I finished my law degree and got the second highest grade that they give, but even this achievement was dented by the fact that I had to take 6 years out of the degree because of declining health. I had no support at all at this time, and when I did graduate I only had my Mum to support me. I did not even put anythin
  11. Hi, Thanks for all your replies. In response, I am not taking any betablockers or any other meds at the moment. I think that I have a general problem with temperature control. I have EDS and POTS, and the EDS is also a lot worse when it is cold - many more dislocations - - - OUCH!!!!!!!! I put my central heating up to combat the cold, and woke up feeling drowsy and barely conscious with my heartbeat taking a nose dive of about 40. When I am like this it is dangerous because I am too weak to get up and take extra fluids etc.. I realised that the air had become to dry due to the heat!! How si
  12. Hi fellow Potsers!, Like all of you I suffer very badly when the weather is really hot, but now I am getting a lot of problems when the weather gets really cold. At the moment it is -5 in London, and I am suffering from greater exhaustion, faintness, and also reynauds. The reynauds is despite wearing thick gloves and generally preparing myself for a trip to the Antartic!!!!!! I don't understand the mechanisms that are at play with POTS and cold weather. In the heat the blood vessels dilate, hence the symptoms, but what is going on with the cold. Surely, if cold leads to constriction of bloo
  13. Hi, I was looking to get a HR monitor watch, (possibly the Nike Imara), but found advice on one web-site which said that the strap-type were not suitable for ladies, as they were designed with men in mind, and do not allow for women's underwear. The site suggested a sports bra, but I wondered if any of you have had any problems, since I have never heard this before! I know that you can get strapless ones, but I wanted something that could monitor closely when I felt ill so I could see what was happening with my pulse. Thanks in advance. Love, MJ
  14. Hi Laura, I actually get it on both legs, but sometimes one is worse than the other. Thanks for asking. Love, MaryJo
  15. Oh, Pooh, So sorry to hear about your friends, and truly hoping that you will now have some good news about those that are missing. I've been watching on TV and following the disaster, and was so shocked that people had been left without even water! Please know that I may be in England, but that I am thinking about you all and keeping you all in my prayers. Lots of love, MJ
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