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hiya everyone,

i hate to write when i'm down but i just need some support. i have been in bed now for 2 and a half weeks, i'm really tachy and i hurt all over, my neck and head are so painful.

last week i passed out four times which is the most i've passed out in over a year, my back is covered in bruises cos i hit the floor with a bit of a bang last tuesday.

so anyway i went to the docs last week and my normally really nice gp was horrid, i came out in tears.

i've got infections in both ears and have been given drops to get rid of it, but when i told her about my vertigo and passing out she just said that i have pots so what do i expect, and even though i'm on medication (0.3mg florinef and 20mg paroxetine daily) that i should expect to get worse and that i should "be more careful in future", like i have a say in when i'm going to pass out!

sorry for ranting but i'm really upset about this, i'm supposed to be in college but i feel so ill and i haven't got a clue why.

Also i'm suing my ex employer for disability discrimination and my case starts on the 1st November and i'm terrified i'll pass out in court.

anyway, i'm going back to bed now my legs really hurt, they feel weak like i've been running but i haven't done anything!

thanks for reading.

becks x x x

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I'm so sorry you are going through all of this!!

Your Dr is not correct when she says you should expect to get worse. People have flare-ups sometimes but they don't necessarily get worse. Some do and some don't.

I would imagine if you've been in bed for two weeks you could be more prone to orthostatic intolerance but you can probably build this back up to...just slowly and carefully. If you can, try to do some leg exercises in bed to try to maintain leg strength. It really does help a lot.

Hopefully when you get the ear infection cleared you will start to feel better.

I do sympathize with how miserable you are feeling.

Hope you get to feeling much much better very quickly!! :blink:

Sending a ((((Hug)))) your way

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I am so sorry that you are feeling so poorly.. and that you doc was so insensitive..

I hope that you start feeling better soon,

hang in there!! we are here for you!! :blink:

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thank you so much.

i feel so much better for just venting.

still in bed and feeling rough but never mind, i'll get up when i feel better, not pressuring myself to go to college i'll finish the course in my own time.

thanks for making me feel better.

becks x x x

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The way your doctor is acting is just plain unexceptable. Even if she doesn't know what to do just lending a compassionate ear can work wonders-----then maybe she can refer you to someone that CAN help you. Being rude to a aptient can only make them feel worse, as stress is one of the no. 1 things that can aggravate POTS.

I hope this is just a short set back for you and that you are back on your feet soon, and if you don't end up feeling better, then I hope you can find the help you need to feel better.

The ear infection you have could make your POTS much worse. Hopefully when you get that cleared up, your OI symptoms will subside.

Hang in there. :blink:


Julie :0)

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Hi, Becky. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Do you typically have a lot of trouble with ear infections and vertigo. I am also fighting a double ear infection right now, on three meds for that, and I hate taking new meds, because I am so sensitive. I take Klonopin on a regular basis for the vertigo and shakiness that docs seem to think is anxiety, but I know is a by-product of low BP, tachy, and heart palps. Anyhow, I go through the ear infection/vertigo misery every fall, when my allergies are at their worst. I do hope you fell better soon.

And maybe, if you pass out in court during your disability discrimination hearing, that will be a good thing. Then they will see first-hand how much you suffer with this, and you will win your case!! :blink:

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Hi love! It all *****...but like others have said, dont stay in bed too long because that'll just make it all worse- try standing with your back to the wall- even just leaning on it, for 5-10 minus if you can, just to get your body used to being upright again!

Your Doc *****...you need a new one!

You know where I am if you need me. we're all here for you. x x

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hi sorry to hear you had such a miserable experience with your doc, i know how bad you want to just be normal and go to college and do what everyone else can do without thinking twice, i am slowly trying to get my Bachelor's from home, one class at a time, and its taking forever, but its better than nothing, so congratulate yourself for all your efforts, we can only do the best we can, i hope you feel better soon,


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hi everyone,

just wanted to say thanks for all of your lovely replies, been back to the docs today, saw the nurse and she was fantastic, still got an ear infection (my sixth in as many months!) so i've got some proper antibiotics, but more than that she actually listened. she didn't make me feel as though i was mad or asif i must be making it up because no one can have that many symptoms (i know you will all understand that!) she just noted everything down, did blood tests to check my potassium and about a million other things and because i have been having chest pains i have an ecg booked tommorrow, and she's writing to my cardiologist because he has asked my gp to be kept in the picture about how i'm doing so he can revise my meds if i have a relapse - the doctor didn't mention any of this last week.

i feel so much better for being listened to by the nurse and by you guys, i did most of your suggestions, leg excercises etc although pers, wasn't to good at the standing against the wall thing!!

thank you for your support, it really meant a lot when i was just so low.

love and hugs to everyone

becks x x x :P

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