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wheelchair approval....finally!!


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hi all -

as i melt into bed i wanted to share my good news of the day (unfortunately muted a bit by an icky run-in with a prof re: health stuff, but the energy i need for that post will have to wait for a day or two...it's a big gggggrrrrrrrr).

but on the good news front....for those who don't know, my wheelchair denial from my insurance, lack of cooperation from docs to follow-up & other related mess in the midst of my move has been draggin on & on for a few months now...

so....drumroll please.....

i got the letter in the mail today saying it's officiall approved as "medically necessary." yippee!!! (obviously i wish i didn't need it, but considering i do & don't have the spare change to dole out for it...)

such a huge relief as i was going to have to sell my kidneys or something to pay for it otherwise!

it's not as good a story as steph's procrit, but it's still pretty big for me so i wanted to share. i actually ended up writing a letter for my doc for the insurance company, as well as one from me personally...with different writing styles of course! my doc cracked up at my professional writing for her letter & my big run on sentence for mine:-) she added some to what i wrote, but i thought my draft was pretty good seeing that i never did the med school thing.

and now i'm off to sleep, or at least crash into bed....

i have a paper due thursday so may be quiet until then but i check in for breaks so no talking about me behind my back! :) or perhaps i'll be needing to procrastinate & will be posting like a fiend tomorrow! we shall see...

:o melissa, whose sparkly blue wheels are finally going to be paid for

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Hooray Melissa!

That's great news!! Glad you shared it with us. I laughed about you writing the letter for your doctor in "doctor style." Maybe you can write your paper for school on "how to convincingly emulate MD speak." :) You may not have been to medical school, but i think in terms of ANS problems you have had a better medical education than the docs. You certainly know your stuff!

Good luck with the paper writing. I'll get back to your message soon. I've been having a really rough time this past weekend, so i haven't been doing much on the computer.

Hope you are feeling better after the resurgence of your infection. I can't believe the obstacles you've had to overcome! I'm cheering you on... can you feel it? :o


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That's great news Melissa!!

I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one "writing"/drafting letters for my Dr. to sign off on. I figure they are so busy that they usually don't put enough documentation in or all the facts so I do the work for them (usually getting their okay to help draft it in the first place) and then they just sign off or re-type things on their own.

Enjoy the independence and assistance you get with the wheels but don't get a ticket for speeding :P

Hope the other run-in you mention doesn't get you down!

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thanks for all the cheers ;) i definitely needed them to get through the week. finished my antibiotics for the most recent UTI on monday & back on different ones today for an ear infection. ggggrrrrr. but enough of that...

my paper got turned in yesterday & while i've spent almost every non-school moment in bed or at least flat, i have made it to all of my school commitments which i'm thankful if a bit baffled by...only three months to go until break!! (i do like my program...the countdown is solely health-based)

ernie, i've already been enjoying some of the freedom my wheels bring...oddly enough - b/c of the insurance mess & my move - i've had my chair for over a month already. there's no way i'd be able to be doing school without it, although with it is still debatable at the moment :)

and yep steph...it definitely feels good. thanks for having your brigade on standby...who knows when they'll be needed again!

pooh, it's good to hear i'm not the only one letter-writing either!

thanks ya'll!

:unsure: melissa

p.s. i'll post the other alluded to "run-in" sometime in the next few days...i'm trying to play catch up a bit first :lol:

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Sorry i'm a little late replying-----it's been a crazy week.

I'm am happy for you that you will now be able to venture out more.

Surely it will be a big help getting you through the classes your taking.

Is there an area on the wheel chair to carry your books? I imagine there is...

Now that you have your new wheels, I hope you will be feeling well enough soon to enjoy some time out doing fun things like going to the mall, museum ect. I'm sorry you have not been feeling well---that stinks. I'm sure all your energy now goes to school.

Take care,

Julie :0)

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