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Less sensation throughout body?


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Do any of you feel like since you became ill with POTS, that your sensation throughout your body has diminished?

If I cut myself or get scratched -- as I did the other day when clearing some thorny brush -- I just don't feel it much. I also notice that if I drip water on my leg or foot, I sometimes don't feel it. To be blunt, the same goes for my genitalia -- I don't feel as much sensation there, either.

I posted a year or so ago about in the winter, when my hands are cold, not being able to distinguish the temperature of the water when I wash my hands. I can't tell if it's hot or cold sometimes.

Any ideas? I had a nerve conduction study a year and a half ago that was normal, but this seems to have worsened since then.


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I'm with Gena, I tend to feel everything more now because I am more aware of what is going on with my body. Also, any sensation of pain or intense cold/hot seems to offset symptoms for a few minutes (i.e. walking out into the cold or heat, or getting in the shower or a pool). If I cut myself or stub my toe, the adrenaline rush from the pain seems to make me feel funny for a while. Interesting!

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Hi Amy! I've noticed some of the same things... mine seems to sort of fluctuate at times though. For example, sometimes when I use the washroom I can't tell if I am urinating or not, other times it's fine. I have some areas on the tops of my feet that don't have much feeling and some on my legs. But then, sometimes my feet just burn and I can't stand anything touching them! I don't know, it's just weird. I slammed my hand in the door a couple of weeks ago and didn't really feel it, though my hand was bruised, swollen, and bleeding. It was suggested that I had Pots with autonomic neuropathy, so for me probably it's related to that. Laura.

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