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Long term disability offer - insulting!

Dawg Tired

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My lawyer called yesterday. We have pursude my LTD all the way to filing in federal court so the LTD company made an offer to settle - $6,000! By the time the atty took his 1/3 it would be $4,000 for us. These people are supposed to pay me 66% of my wages from the time I was disabled until I'm 62 - it would total almost $200,000!!! And they want to settle for 6,000. Another way we get pushed aside and ignored.

No, the lawyer told me he had to tell me of the offer but he is going to pursue it further and try to get more. The reasoning the ins co used was that my "pacemaker is functioning normally", He said sure it is... Problem is, weather the pacemaker is functioning or not... the person it's in is not!!

What a crock!!

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why are people SO stupid?!?!?!?! :lol:

Good that you're angry- keep FIGHTING---don't accept it lying down. It's NOt good enough.


Make sure YOU don't!

Why dont we organise a protest- I'm very good at shouting down megaphones- you'd have to put the megaphone next to the telephone though as I'm not up to travelling! B)

Seriously though--that is an outrage--$6k? Tell them to shove it where monkeys shove their nuts. :)

and keep pushing.

thinking of you and sending some POTSy love

P x x

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You go girl! I hope your lawyer is able to make the system work for you the way it was designed. You paid into it every day you DID work, and deserve to get the benefits you paid for.


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Guest Julia59

What a mess that is----It never stops amazing me still. How stupid can they get?----- :):)

I'm glad your still going to fight. Don't settle until your satisfied with the amount.

Today I just talked with the SSDI office about my claim. We talked briefly about the complaint letter that I wrote about the doctor who lied about my health status on the report to the SSDI determination bureau. Then I called the senators office to see how they are doing with my complaint to their office about the same thing.

There will be an SSDI investigation in the Baltimore office----hopefully they will do something about it.

I just can't believe what they said about your pace maker working------ B)

Keep hanging in there---and keep that attorney on his/her toes. Sometimes---even when they are a good attorney they get so busy, so following up with them on a regular basis is a must.

Julie :0)

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my lord that has to be the most pathedic off I have ever heard of in my life!! your right that is a crock!!!

Acrock of BS!!!!

Well you stick to your guns and keep fighting.. you deserve all the money that you are able to get..

good lcuk

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At least the lawyer is understanding. He asked me how desperate we are. I told him that now we have SSDI coming in we aren't. A year ago it might have made a difference but these people (LTD) already forced me to drop my COBRA when they cut me off a month before I could get into Vanderbilt (Leaving us with -0- income!). Lawyer knows that so he is making more filings to show the court that THEY kept me from getting help that could have possibly been offered. So we are going to hang in there and see what happens. I will keep all of you posted, thanks for the support!

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A little late in chiming in, but good luck, I hope you can get it settled quickly without to much more trouble. Keep on pushing!


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