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doctor appointment


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My friend took me to the doctor today. I will never drive again after the last few weeks.

As most of you know, I have been pretty discouraged. My friend went as an advocate for me, because I have really been so sick, I have no fight left in me. She is terrified of my doctor. He is very very bright and sometimes can seem gruff, but is really a big old (albeit, very cute) teddy bear.

Anyway, I burst into tears, which he can hardly stand. Then of all things, I had one of my "episodes" right in front of him so he got to see one first hand. Since My brain appears to leave my body during these things, I don't have enough sense to get anxious. I just interrupted and said, I need to lie down, it's too hot. It's like 52 below zero in his office. He and Carol laid me down and he was talking, but I have no idea what he was saying, as my brain was gone. He asked me if I was with him and I went umhm or something and he got up and took my bp and then sat me up. Carol said I wasn't sitting up she was holding me up.

They laid me back and then my pounding heart kicked in and he could SEE it, so he listened. I recovered somewhat and said something like thank God it was just a little one.

She said he looked like he was going to cry. For some reason I am unable to focus on anything during these episodes, my eyes just move all over the place and won't stay still.

The upshot is: he's putting me on hydrocortisone for a week at 60 mgs a day. If there is no improvement or I get worse, He is putting me in the hospital and forcing every doctor in this town to consult on me and try to figure things out. hmmm

He is certain I have a neuro cardiogenic problem, but reminded me that there is no one around here smart enough to know anything about it, including him. He talked about going to Vancouver, but I really don't think I could travel at this point. My friend said I need Dr. House (do any of you watch that show?) and he said he was supposed to be him and I said well he was sure cranky enough. He burst out laughing.

Anyway, that's where we are. I am glad I had one in front of him, but embarrassed because I know I look and act really weird. I told Carol I was sure now he would think I was nuts and she said she had sooo much respect for him because he looked devastated that he couldn't help me, and she would never think by anyway he acted that he thought I was a nut. He did say, I had been his patient for 20 years and he knew me inside out and he knows I am really deteriorating right in front of his eyes. He said I was a little flaky but i have been so blanking sick for so blanking long, that he couldn't imagine me not being a little flaky. He can't see me w/o telling me once or twice I'm flaky. :D

But I thought it was a good visit, although I missed most of it because I was in outer space. He is apparently going to get pretty aggressive here. Then tomorrow I have to get a tooth pulled that I broke when I fainted. Ilovemybodymorgan

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Ohhh Morgan,

I'm so sorry for everything that is happening to you. And glad that your doctor finally saw you when you're having a spell (even though it was just a little one) and will help you finding answers. You deserve to know what's going on. I'm glad to hear that you and your doctor get along together well so that there are moments lo laugh but it seems that he was very shocked this time. I'm glad your friend was there to help you. You must feel terrible after these spells.

I'm really hoping better times will come Morgan, that doctors find out where the spells are coming from and find treatment for you. It really is time for you to feel some better. Know I'll be thinking about you (hope that helps a bit!),


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Thanks guys.

Ahmomsteph, I especially drank a lot yesterday because I had to go see him. It didn't help very much :D I think that's what I looked like. We tried to have a discussion about pots meds, but I just wasn't there, so it was difficult. But the upshot is, those meds raise your bp and he is not comfortable with that. On the other hand, I am so sensitive, he's afraid I'll go totally the other way on bp meds.

He is really upset that he can't figure me out and fix me. But at least he tries.

So we'll see what happens. At least I didn't tell him he was the most beautiful man in the world and I loved him. (I had a reaction to a drug once and told him that while I was sprawled across hubby's lap, mortifying) mortifiedmorganinski

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hi morgan,

sorry to hear what's happening to you but glad that it happened in your doctors office. my docs didn't believe there was anything wrong with me until i passed out in the waiting room one day, they took my bp and pulse whilst i was lying down and whilst i was standing up, don't know what the readings were but they started to say i wsn't faking it after all!! after that i got treated really quickly.

hope you are feeling better.

becks x x x

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So, they say seeing is believing.

I like the hospital idea better than the cortisone. Cortisone will make nearly anyone with any condition feel better for a certain amount of time, and also alter the results of blood work. Not a great thing when you need diagnosis, as you have something going on on top of ANS stuff. Been there, done that. After 3 years of an additional illness, I finally have a diagnosis, just when everyone was about to give up. And I was already having very serious complications. So try to hang in there, I know it's hard. We're with you!



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Hey Morgan,

Glad your doctor is taking this seriously. It's such an awful thing to have to display all your passing out "talents" in order to get the message across. I unfortunately had to do that at work before they took me seriously. I hope that things start to work out for you. At least you still have your sense of humor ^_^ Thanks for the laugh about the beautiful doctor. :D


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Oh Morgan, I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been. I only can hope for you that the only way is up now for you. None of you deserve this syndrome! You are all so strong in your fight. Now that your doctor saw an episode, He will not ignore your symptoms and will find someone who can help you. Don't give up finding a doctor who can make a difference. Linda

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