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Hey guys,

I am working full time for the Transportation Security Administration. I am on my feet for about six hours a day. I have had no problems with standing so things are well.

The only thing wrong is my triglycerides. For some reason they are very high while my cholesterol is normal. Does anyone else have problems with this? I seriously doubt it is POTS related.

Anyway I hope you are all feeling well and doing good. I will keep checking in from time to time.


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I don't have any advice or input on the triglycerides issue. I hope you are able to get some answers about it.

I did want to say its great news that you are able to work like you are!! Is there any particular medication, therapy or combination that works for you in dealing with your POTS?

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Thanks for checking in! We are always happy to hear that people are doing well and working, etc... I think it gives everyone more hope.

I don't know anything about the triglycerides but I just wanted to say hello!!

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HI Tim,

That's great that your job is working out well and that you're not having too many problems. You might be interested in this...I researched your high trig. readings quickly on the net and found this...

"Certain conditions are associated with elevated triglyceride levels including obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism and alcohol abuse. Also, certain medications and concentrated sugars may raise triglyceride levels. Beta blockers, diretics and glucocorticoids may have an adverse effect on triglyceride levels. Excerise and dietary modification is a great initial first step ."

Are you taking Beta blockers for POTS or glucocorticoids for Addison's? Perhaps they are contributing to the high triglycerides. Possibly something to ask your doctor about or else research the side effects of your medications.

Thanks for sending me the info on Addison's by the way. :)

best wishes,


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tim -

i don't have any wisdom to add re: the triglycerides, but just wanted to add my congrats. it's always great to hear when folks are doing well. hope the upswing continues for you...i am VERY impressed with the fact you're standing so much with no problems (not to mention jealous!!) thanks for checking in & sharing the good news...

;) melissa

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I have hypothyroidism. I take florinef which I hope isn't causing it because it is the florinef that turned things around for me.

Remember I have a very mild case of POTS. None of my symptoms were ever dramatic but the collection of symptoms did have me on my back (not because of any otrthostatic problems) for a few months until we figured out what was going on and I started using florinef.

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