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Dorm Move-In!!


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Hi Everyone!!

Just thought I'd leave a little update on the dorm situation!

We went earlier today to bring most of my stuff to my dorm room .. aaand .. it's only a few doors away from the exit, and also a few doors away from the showers :) We also had really close parking, probably 25 ft. from the door, didn't have to carry things far ..

Also, I was SOOO happy when I walked in because the whole heat problem is FIXED!!! It is cool enough B) for me to deal with and not too cold for everyone else .. YAYYYY! :D

There was a separate A/C in there, my brother hooked it up .. and we are leaving it running (Just came back home now to pick up the rest of my things) so it will be nice and COLD when I come back .. it has settings for low/high (hmm wonder which one it'll be on ALL the time .. :) )

It's so funny, b/c if you go outside and look at all the first floor windows, mine is the ONLY one with this huge round white hose sticking out of it for the A/C .. :lol: Guess my room will never be hard to find .. ;)

I just feel so relieved that it is all working out! So Yay! Just wanted to share it with everyone!

Hope you're all feeling well :)

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I'm so glad to hear that your disability advisor made sure you got what you needed. I've never used the disability services at my university--but that day may not be far away.


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good for you!! I am so glad that they got it fixed for you..have fun on your first night in the dorm.. and on your first day of classes.. let us know how it goes...


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I'm glad to hear that you have the dorm situation worked out. I am going to be a junior in college (I'm studying Education too!), and lived in the dorms the past two years. They were always SO hot... especially since I lived on the third floor! The AC in your room will be a big help, I'm sure. If other people on your floor don't have AC they will probably all want to hang out in your cold room instead of their hot rooms-- a good way to make friends, right? :) Just kidding...

Anyway, you are lucky to have people at your school who are working to make sure you have the accomidations you need. I hope that you have a great year!


Meghan :)

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chrissy -

congrats congrats congrats!!! i'm SO happy for you that things seem to be falling into place. and those brothers are a great help, eh? is yours older or younger?

(mine is 20 & was super helpful with my recent move to cleveland...as were of course my parents & a good number of friends on both ends).

i'm extra glad the air is up & running since it's a bit stickier out now than earlier in the week...i know my few days of open windows at my apartment have come & gone!

and hey - like someone else said - your room may become the most popular place in the building. perhaps you should charge admission?? (i was thinking if i get desparate i might be able to make some money giving folks rides to their cars in the bad weather since i have parking right at our building at school.... ;))

joking aside though, i'm glad things are off to a good start. i know you'll be busy but check in with us when you can.

B) melissa

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I just thought I'd ask while we're on topic and there seem to be a few students floating about...

I'm going to be moving in with two people I don't know from Adam- I've never met them before, don't even know if they're male or femalem and won't til the day term begins.

Any ideas or advice?

A slightly nervous persephone x :unsure::)

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