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Hi all! I'm posting something short for once! :unsure::(

It may sound a bit peculiar, but I've noticed that on days when there is less light (cloudy, rainy, etc.) that my fatigue is remarkably worse than on sunny days. I've never had trouble with Seasonal Affect Disorder (sp?) or had trouble with depression on rainy or snowy days -- on the contrary, I love them!

Have any of you noticed this or heard about some sort of correlation between fatigue and light cycles? Thanks!


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I've noticed this myself...my doctor that treated me initially for POTS seemed to think that the barometric pressure has a lot to do with symptoms waxing and waning, just like with people who have arthritis or other chronic conditions.

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now THAT sounds like some 'fun' reading! NOT! :P he-he. maybe i should try that...do you think that would help me sleep?

anyway, just wanted to say hi to you really...b/c i feel like i keep 'missing' you on the forum lately. and, i so meant to respond to your post when you got back from mayo ages ago and posted about your improvments...and i never got to it...

sooooo....i just wanted to let you know i'm in your corner and i'm cheering for you every step of the way. and i am so glad that you are back on potsplace after being away for awhile.

later alligator!


p.s. i expect a report written in the 3-step process discussion your findings on atmostpheric pressure and its possible effects on dysautonomia! :D

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Guest 12StringANSGuitar

Interesting. Please relate these thoughts that I've had a while:

For years I used to joke with people as to how I felt much better on snowy days, and day when the barometric pressure was low.

Even my thinking is much better(especially if I slept well the prior night).

The joke was 'what if they could put barometric pressure in a pill',, I'd feel well, and be a genius(because my thinking was really more focused).

In this past year, I had new thoughts with regard to mental illness being triggered by our sensory system being 'off key' or 'out of tune' to the incoming stimuli.

Co-jointly, I thought of how a t.v. or radio is effected by a storm(the static effect, etc.).

And then I think how we are 'receivers' for incoming data/energy to our senses.

I also thought about how reports of micro-wave transmissions and radio tower transmissions, can effect us; even cause brain cancer.

So my point is this. What if the bad weather(and barometric pressures), put up a wall, or filter, between your sensory system, and these radio/micro wave transmissions,, and that is why someone with a hyper sensitive system, might be both more susceptible to these outside waves, and would be helped when a storm interferred with those radio/micro waves(especially when there is a very Low Barometric Pressure present).

*Interesting to, is the phenomena of Snow. I think its absorption characteristics,

soak up all the excess surrounding incoming stimuli, and thats why I feel really best on days like that.

I have also wondered whether schizophrenia, and other psyche disorders, could be influenced(magnified, not caused by), by these 'waves', and if someone with this disorder were exposed to the environment of the meteorlogical conditons we are discussing, whether they'd feel better.

*Similarly, I wonder if those with a compromised ANS system, actually suffer from a hyper-sensitivity to all outside stimuli.

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