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Does anyone get weird smells?

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Hi Everyone!

     For the past couple of years, I will get random smells coming in my nose that don't make sense with the environment I am in. I will smell smoke when there is no fire, or a strong smell of food when there is nothing cooking. It comes at random times, not just on bad days. It doesn't bother me a lot, but I was wondering if this is something that only I get. I am wondering if it is related to my migraines. Do any of you get it too?

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I hope you're feeling good today. I've gotten these a few times, not often and very subtly, in the past few years. I suspected it was POTS-related due to the timing, but yeh, I've also heard/read that this can be part of a migraine's "aura". I don't get migraines, at least, not so far (knock wood!!), but I looked it up and they're called something like "olfactory hallucinations", "phantom smells", etc.  Hopefully you won't start smelling stuff like rotten trash, dead fish, etc.! 😝

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