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Increased Anxiety from SSRI


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From my last post I mentioned I started zoloft 1-1/2 wks ago. My nausea is getting ALITTLE better but I also have increased anxiety. I don't usually have so much anxiety on an okay day. When I'm extremely sick I do. I'm worried about everything and wake up feeling kinda down. I don't like this...my mind just keeps racing. I thought SSRI's are suppose to help with this. Have any of you experienced this and has it gotten better over time?

I have a call into my psychiatrist but she not very good so I'm better off getting information from you guys.


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I was on Elevil (sp?) briefly and actually had more "depression" sxs than off it- so my doctor took me off. I later tried Celexa and it was okay. But, yes, I know what you mean. Elevil made me feel like crawling the walls (wound up, sad, etc.).


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I had this too when I first started Celexa, and again when we changed the dose upward. I'd never suffered from anxiety before, so it was really disconcerting...but it did pass after about the 3rd week. The first week, and the first 3 or 4 days of the 2nd week were just awful.

Now, several years into taking an SSRI, I have no anxiety. Also, when I switched to lexapro, I didn't notice any problems.


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I experienced this with Effexor - it was a horrible feeling! I later tried Paxil CR and it was better for me.

Hope this side effect goes away for you!!


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I have a friend who takes Zoloft. She said it took a couple of months before she started feeling better. She also had increased anxiety in the beginning. I hope you feel better soon. I noticed you live in Milwaukee. I also live in the Milwaukee area.


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Are you still having the anxiety side effect from the Zoloft?

Just wondering...

It has been several years since I tried that particular SSRI, but I started with one of those 'starter packs' they give you at the doctor's office from the pharmaceutical reps. So, you titrate up the dose over several weeks.

With Zoloft, I too experienced higher anxiety and overall agitation, and ultimately that is why I stopped the drug. I waited it out for quite a while (I cannot remember how long--at least 2-3 months), but it was pretty intolerable.

With ANY SSRI, if you look, anxiety can be one of the side effects. It seems like this shouldn't be the case, I know...but it is...nervousness, anxiety, etc.

Yes, it is possible that waiting it out will work and with time the anxiety side effect will settle down, but it is also possible that this isn't the rigth SSRI for you.

I tried most all of them--Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Effexor, can't remember what else at the moment--until I settled on Effexor XR 75 mg.

Now, here's the other tough part...not just finding the right SSRI, but also finding the right dose withing that SSRI. You need to start teeny tiny and titrate up. For example, I started with 1/2 of a 37.5 mg capsule (w/ persmission from the psychiatric nurse practitioner supervising me) and worked up.

Also, I found that I loved Effexor XR the best overall, but at a dose over 75 mg, I begin to have nervousness and insomnia. (okay, this was before all of the insomnia I am having now!). 75 mg is really considered a teeny tiny dose and some people might not even consider it to be a 'therapeutic dose' as they would say with psych meds. So...that is something to remember too...

I don't know what dose you are taking of the Zoloft, how long you have been on it, how quickly you titrated up etc. For me, I have to titrate up super slowly, and start at a super slow dose. I don't ever follow the instructions from the pharmaceutical companies! :P

Okay, later alligator!

Hope this helps just a little. As for your nausea question...I have no idea. One thing I find is that if my other symptoms are better controlled the nausea symptom is better controlled. But, currently it isn't a major symptom for me so I can't say. It used to be though. I think for me, it was often part of a chain reaction of symptoms.


p.s. i never got to respond to your 'sadness in other people's happiness post' but i wanted to say...YES, sometimes i do feel that way, and you are not alone. it doesn't make you a bad person! mostly, i feel joy for my friends, but i sometimes feel left behind.

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