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Should I do the hemodynamic test?

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After Dr. Fouad confirmed POTS last week, she said that she would either start me on florineff or do another test (hemodynamic). It is supposed to track a red blood cell and see how long it takes to get from my heart to my lungs?!? They have to inject me with some sort of iodine I think.

Has anyone had this test? Please tell me what I should expect...

Dr. Fouad said that based on the results of this test, she'll know whether to prescribe the florineff.

I'm thinking about cancelling the test and just seeing how I do on the beta blocker.

I'm scared of tests and medicines. It's shocking that I'm even taking a beta blocker.

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:D Hi Jennifer! Try not to worry I've had this done before and it is fine. Basically they will place a small canula into your arm to inject the iodine dye intravenously and follow with scan. It doesn't hurt but may give you a warm feeling and urgency to pass urine in some cases but it will pass and is over reasonably quickly. I don't understand your doctors reasoning behind wanting to do haemodynamic tests in relation to wether or not Florinef should be commenced though as a simple blood test can provide indication of blood volume. :D

Anyway let us know what you decide.

Take care - I'm off for a break before anymore babies decide it's feeding time! :(

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I had this test....after having over 40 vials of blood drawn and being injected with radioactive isotopes three times, I was able to get a report that neither me or my Doctor understands. It did tell me that I have severe venous pooling (my blood pools in my extremities, I already knew that) And I learned that the blood travels from my heart to my lungs and back, faster than normal. But I have never been able to get an explanation as to if or why this measurement is even important.

I was placed on Florinef long before ever having this test done. I personally think that specific test is a waste of time, energy and money but as with any testing, I have to recommend that your discuss it with your primary physician.

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Hi Jennifer,

I had a really long post typed out describing my experience with Dr. Fouad's hemodynamic tests, but i lost it somehow when i tried to log in. :D

Soooooooooo, suffice it to say, i had the tests done at her office a couple weeks ago. I did not do them right after i was diagnosed with POTS because i wanted to try the drugs first. They sort of worked, but then my symptoms came back full force. That's when i decided the tests would be a good idea.

Here are some posts that describe the tests in more detail (the last 4 posts are relevant):


The tests are not bad at all. You get an IV and have to lie still while they do injections/blood draws through the IV. The blood volume test can tell Dr. Fouad if you need florinef. If you are low on blood volume, she can give you florinef to help you retain salt and thus water in your circulation. This might help your heart rate slow down if, in fact, it is racing to overcompensate for low blood volume. Finding this out early could save you some trouble, but it is up to you.

If you do decide to do the tests, I'd recommend asking her for a follow up appointment to go over the results and so you can ask her questions in person.

Hope this helps!


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I had that test done last month with Dr. Fouad. With me, I think it took about an hour. After taking some blood, they injected some dye and I had to lay still to have the pictures taken. They also injected some radiation, it made my arm vibrate, really strange, but it didn't hurt. After doing that they made me sit up with my legs extended, then after that they dropped my legs, but that didn't last long, because I got short of breath and chest pains. When they put my legs back up, it wasn't to bad. Then they had me lie back down and stayed there for alittle while. THen it was over. All in all it wasn't bad.

As for doing it, I would, but also make a visit to discuss the results. I just did it over the phone, and now looking back a visit would have been better to do it face to face.

Good luck :D

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