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Strictly Sex w/ Dr. Drew

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Warm Greetings Friends~

And my apologies for being away ... sometimes we go through hard times and even sharing with friends is hard. But I am doing better and believe the road ahead is paved.

I missed everyone tonight as I was watching an episode of "Strictly Sex w/ Dr. Drew" (some cable Tv show on DHEALTH channel) ... and at the end of the show there was a lovely woman in the audience who raised her hand with a question. She asked the host if there was something she could take for her libedo. He asked if she was on meds and she explained toperol and that she had a condition known as dysautonomia ....

It was so wonderful to hear someone talking about POTS on TV and Dr. Drew seemed to know at least a little about what it was.

It made me think of everyone here. Hug to all. I'll try and pop in more and share what I learned on this most recent POTShole visit.

Good thoughts.


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EM, good to hear from you. I have to admit that I've never watched Dr. Drew, but it sounds interesting (puns aside here!! ;))

Given that so many of our members have reported problems with libido just as the audience member, I would be interested to hear what his answer was. Sexual dysfunction and POTS/NCS/OI has been discussed here in the past, and also on NDRF, and no one who had the courage to post had any really useful information. BTW, if the Dr.'s repsonse is in any way graphic, please just send me a private message.

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Speaking of hearing more about dysautonomia, I was happy to hear from my sister, who just retook her board exam for her family practice license, that a question about tilt table tests and POTS were on her exam. The only reason she knew the answer is because I have it!


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No, the topic is not too personal--it's an unfortunate reality that many of us are chronically exhausted and that leaves nothing for a libido. While there are some younger members of the forum (or other members) who may be embarassed by the topic, this forum is intended as a place to share relevant information. Most of our membership is comprised of adults...and to varying degrees, may have experienced sexual health difficulties as a result of their illness, or the illness of their spouse.

My doctor did recommend using a topical item that is over-the-counter, called "zestra". It has been clinically tested as helping women who have arousal issues. Other than that, I've got nothin much else to suggest, other the standard caution to check with your physician regarding whether you're in good enough physical health as sexual activity is no less strenuous than exercising.


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Just caught the end of the Dr. drew show and the woman with dysautonomia was on...she mentioned she faints...and he said to talk to doctor about her meds AND making sex a priority and to nourish the relationship.

Easier said than done and the ANS system is the system RESPONSIBLE for a person reaching orgasm. Meds can mess with that but so can the ANS alone.

Very complicated to fix and more things than just romantic settings are needed to fix it.

Still, it was nice to see somebody use the word dysautonomia on tv.

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I am 20 and my fiancee and I..OMG....ya before I wasn't sick everything was good he use to laugh at me cause I wanted it more often then him. Now...well on good days its good :D but most of the time :) I feel so bad cause its not that I don't want to but I cannot theres no energy. Hes so understanding an I love him more for it. We found that him on top works best as I don't have to use as much energy and everything is done slowly he really builds me up an he is a determinded guy it doesn't matter HOW long it takes he gets me in the mood!! LOL

Ok enough about my sex life :)


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just wanted to say that it's good to "see" you. b/c it happens so rarely i too get pretty excited when i hear of any of the dysautonomias in the media.

thanks for popping by & hope to see more of you around. glad that you seem to be doing a bit better.


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