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Update on Dr Grubb


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Hi everyone,

I just got a call from MCO postponing my appointment with Dr Grubb. It is now at the end of August.

I have the migraine specialist, the endocrinologist and the sleep specialist before seeing him so I don't know anymore if it will be worth my while to do all this travelling.

I have spent 900$ to prep my car for the ride and my medical file is ready. I was ready to go and now I don't know if I will still need to go in 4 weeks.

I seem to have local docs that take an interest in my case and are somewhat helping me. I don't know what to do anymore.

Any opinions!


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Guest Julia59

Oh no Ernie! :blink:

I just saw him last week on Friday when he implanted my loop recorder.

He looked fine, and seemed ok. Did they say why it was postponed?

Wow---that really is a disappointment-----------Bummer........

I would see what the other docs say and take it from there. If you feel they can't give you the answers----then I would go ahead with Dr. Grubb.

I'm sorry Ernie----I know how much you have prepared for this.

Julie -------------------------- ;)

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Ernie I am so sorry that you appointment got cancelled with Dr. grubb.. I can totally relate on that front.. I wa suppose to go see Dr. grubb aug. 22nd and they said that they had to cancell mine too.. but that they would have to call me back with a new appointment time.. I really have no clu when that will be..

I am hoping that Dr. G is allright..

sorry ernie!

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Oh Ernie! :blink:

I am so sorry, I know how hard you have been working to go see him. It makes me sick. There had to be something for them to cancel someone coming from out of the country. From all I've heard about him, I can't believe they'd do that. Maybe ones close and that get to see him more frequently would be the ones rescheduled.

I wish I knew what to tell you. I never went anywhere and got rejected everywhere, so i guess it wouldn't be a surprise to me, but I can't understand why it happened to you. I guess if it were me, I'd just call them up and ask them what's up and explain all I'd done and what I'd already spent to get there. They should at least be willing to explain it to you. That's what I'd do. morgan

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Thank you so much for your support.

It's funny but since I read that someone got cancelled 2 weeks ag.o I was on edge because I figured that I might be cancelled too. I called 2 weeks ago (after I had read about the other person) to confirm my appointment and it was confirmed. But I still had doubt and I was going to call yesterday but said to myself that I should not worry so much since I was confirmed.

I am not upset at Dr Grubb. I think he is overworked and he has started to work to soon after his surgery. In a way I feel guilty to go to him when he is sick but at the same time I need help. What makes me wonder it if is worth the trip is that I don't know if I will get cancel once I get there (they might call while I am on my way there) and also the fact that I am finally seeing specialists here and they are testing me. Since I am getting some tests done, I don't feel that I will be ready for an appointment in 3 weeks because I have more tests pending as well as more specialists' appointments. Since my visit to Dr Grubb will cost about 2,000$ out-of-pocket, I have a strong incentive to postpone until next Spring or so.

I agree with you Steph. I will wait until after the Sleep Specialist and see if I postpone Dr Grubb. Wouln't it be nice if they found the miracle pill here and I did not have to travel to the States!

I think I should have married a doctor specialising in POTS and NCS! It would be much more convenient. I don't know about the poor guy though! :blink:


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Yes Steph, that's the ticket. Get them as residents, when they are scared spitless and force them into autonomic studies. Oh that's right, there aren't any, silly me.

Can you imagine how big the magic pill is? Did anyone see Princess Bride? It would be about 1,000 times the size of that one, because sometimes I think this is worse than being dead, or almost dead as Billy Crystal wisely deducts.

Ernie, I'm still stunned. I haven't met Dr. Grubb of course, but it still *****.

I'm hoping the guys in Canada will be enough for you. You never know, I never thought I'd meet someone here and maybe I have. Keep us posted. P.S. Never marry a doctor, as you marry his job. The money isn't worth it. The good ones are too dedicated and the bad ones too bad....morgenheim

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i'm so sorry for the rigamarole with the cancellation/rescheduling but am just thankful - like you hinted at - that you didn't travel to then have the appointment cancelled. but still....ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr.

and i am glad that you have the other appointments lined up this month...i think the plan of keeping the new appointment and then deciding at that time sounds like a good idea. like others have said, you'll never be hassled about cancelling an appointment there b/c they are always overbooked and/or always have many in line to jump on board.

and i'm definitely on board with bombarding a class of med students and turning them into specialists...and hubbies too?! maybe i'll give it a shot at case... b/c you're right, i can't think of any readily available docs "in the know"...although there was one fellow when i was at vandy who was pretty cute...a ped cardiologist finishing his masters in clinical research but after a rotation in the autonomic dysfunction center he'd be worth something, no? good bedside manner too...

to bad i was too out of it when he was around to ask for a date...hehe...

i've been lucky enough to have "inside tracks" to some of the guros at times over the years as i've actually coached/babysat their kids (before being as ill), but i always hate having to go that route, not wanting to take advantage. my mom & i joke about it often though, and it is SO tempting to go that route (the showing up at the doc's house). a triathlon i used to do actually went right past dr. g's house...how funny is that???

and if the miracle pill is found, definitely put me on the list. steph we can travel together to good ol' canada to pick up a batch for the ohioans, k? :)

hang in there ernie...


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Hi Ernie,

Sorry about your appointment. My 2 cents is that the problem with relying on separate specialists to manage care is that there is no one coordinating, and no one communicating, often causing choppy, inadequate, inconsistant care.

Maybe it's for the best that you have these specialist appointments before Dr. Grubb, so he can manage the whole picture more effectively.

BTW, I find the whole process of going to doctors a big interfence in my life, and really stressful, especially when paying out of pocket on a limited budget (doing the same now), cancellations just add to the misery and frustration. When these things happen to me, I usually wander around the house saying things like "I bet if I spent the money on a new guitar instead of this garbage, I'd be feeling a lot better".

With you,


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