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Beautiful flower


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Hi everyone!!

After my nephews baptism we went to my neices for brunch. Whenever we have a family get together I usually sit on the floor. One I feel safer, two I love to play with the kids anyway :)

Well after we ate we proceeded outside on the patio. So I sat with my little neice Quynn, she is 3 by her outside playset next to the patio where everyone else is.

Before I knew it I was swarmed with little ones wanting to know what to play!!!

My neice says

"This is Dewey (she can't say Aunt Susie) lets play garden. and Dewey your the best flower in it and your my faorite!!! so my sister overheard this and asked her why I was her favorite. and she says because I always sit with the kids and don't ignore them!!! I thought it was beautiful. (and might have woke up a few people!!)

So my lesson to myself is. You never know what impact you have on someone else, even a child. A year ago I would have just passed on this occassion. Opting to stay home worrying about when, where I was going to be sick again. No more I'll just keep my spot on the floor :huh:



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That's so sweet...and you always know it's the truth when it comes from a child of that age...they haven't yet learned how to lie :)


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what a grand story...it gave me such a smile. :) i too am a floor-sitter & love to play with the kids.

and like nina said, the honesty of children is priceless.

thanks for sharing with us!


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