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body/bones hurt..

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Hi folks... hope this post finds you feeling allright..

On saturday morning I woke up and the bones in my arm and all the way down to my hands was hurting.. and also my legs from the knees all the way to the toes.. were hurting...It feels like my bones actually hurts.

I woke up this morning and my whole body hurts. from my neck down to my toes. its a very deep seeded kind of pain... it realy feels like my bones hurt.. it is quite painful..

my right foot, knee, and elbow are swollen...and I have the chills...and I itch like mad...my skin itself is really sensitive to touch.. actually hurts..

I have had this problem since I was 11-12 yrs old. the right side of my body would swell up, and would be very painful..I have been evaluated for arthritis.. it was negeative..

I am 23 now, and am still haivng the same problem, but it has gotten worse and is much more frequent then it used to be..and I still have no answers as to what it is or could be.. or what casuses it for that matter..I have wondered if it is pots related..

I am wondering if any of you have experienced this... any suggestions and input would be aprreciated!

<_< a hurting dizzygirl..

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I'm sending you best wishes dizzy, and good thoughts, hoping that your pain will get less. You have a lot on your plate lately, hope things will be better for you soon!

Warm wishes,


btw have you thought about fybromyalgy? It seems that more people who have dysautonomia also have this. Just a thought though. Maybe you could ask your doctor?

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There are a number of things it could be...

yes, fibromyalgia... or EDS ... or just an intolerance to exerecise. Something to talk to your doctor about.

I have chronic joint and muscle pain from EDS and am on meds to help me deal with the pain. Everyone is different, so be sure to check w/ you doctor.

Did you do anything different? Work out, or overdo it in some way?


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my mom and I have often thought that i have fibromyalgia... my mom has this... and for years we have brought it up to the docs. and they would brush it off as its just stress.. or I am too young to have such problems..

I am curious though do you see a regualr PCP about posssibly diagnosising firbo?

And how do you broach this topic? I allready feel Like I have given my PCP oodles to deal with..

also, i have seen EDS brought up many times.. what is that? EDS?

the only thing that is different in the last few days.. is I have been having bad insomnia.. and have not been able to sleep restfully.. or as much as I normally would need ..


<_< dizzygirl :P

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I have had fibromyalia for years. The diagnosis is based on how many painful trigger points you have and where they are located. There is actually a body map of trigger points.

If you use just one finger and press repeatedly across areas of your body can you isolate painful spots? That is what trigger points feel like. The trigger points can feel like little knots sometimes. These knots can tighten and pull on joints and make joints painful.

EDS stands for Elhers Danlos Syndrome. Just type in the name on any search engine and you will find lots of links. There is also an Ehlers Danlos National organization that has good information.

Michigan Jan

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Michigan jan..


all across my chest and through the tops of my shoulders..there are very sore "spots"... especially at the base of my neck and through out the shoulder blades and running all down my back.. along either side of the spine and through out the ribs/ hips and tailbone.. big OUCHIES!

I used to be in pt.. and the therapist would try to message the gigantic knots out of my neck and back... and i would hop around so much on the table.. and nearly be in tears from the pain... that he wouldnt touch my neck or back any more.. stricly heat thereapy.. and tenz unit..

I also get what feels like lumps right along my collar bone.. they are more then likely knots..the knots are usually about the size of a big gumball.. and boy they hurt!

I also have "spots in my knees an elbows.. I am thinking that it is more thn likely fibromyalgia.. now it is a matter of finding a doc who will listen!


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I had the aching bones thing for about a month or two earlier this year. I posted about it, so if you do a search, you'll find it. I never figured out the cause but it did go away on its own.

Just wanted to add "me too."


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