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Another symptom - blood pooling?

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This has been going on a long time now I just never mentioned it. Everyday at some point from my knees and below I feel my legs pulsating. I've been mainly stuck in the bed since September. Anybody experience this and find out what exactly is going on?

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35 minutes ago, Derek1987 said:

Sorry I'm ignorant. What kind?

Have you had ultrasound diagnostics of the arteries and/or veins in your legs and abdomen?

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I have blood pooling.  If I stand up without any compression gear on, within a few minutes my feel will get pink and the veins in my feet will start to distend out from my skin.  The longer I stay still the darker they get.  I thought it was normal (they're red because I'm standing on them) until my POTS doctor told me otherwise.  He recently told me that I could also have blood pooling in my abdomen, but it won't turn red as a result.  He advised that I try abdominal compression, and that ladies shapewear is sufficient.  Boy was he right!  I tried it with and without the compression hose, and shapewear alone is more effective than the hose alone if I'm not planning to stand up for long periods of time.  Amazing.  Anyway, that is all I can say about blood pooling.  I do not experience the sensations you mentioned.

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