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What's the best drink for POTS sufferers?

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I was doing fluids 3 times a week, 1500mL at a time... I was doing better, but I can't have a permanent IV, so I'm only using them when I'm in a real bind now. For me, the more often, the better... but 1500mL brings me improvement for about 36 hours. I try to put it off as long as I can to avoid scarring all of my veins.

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@JimL - they recommend 1l over 1-2 hours weekly to start, but only for one month. Many people improve from that. In my case I need them to be infused much slower ( over 8 hours ) or my BP goes up and the fluids go into my tissue from where they just get peed out. The longer infusion time allows every drop to go into the vascular system without rasing the BP. But they shy away from long-term fluids due to risks associated with IV access. My sister currently started a month of fluids over 6 hours weekly and does so well it is a miracle to the doctors! We will see how she does once the month is over. 

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