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I have an appt. with my cardio today. I am going to start lexapro wether I like it or not.:blink: He really feels it well help the "hair trigger adrenaline response". I am very sensitive to meds. I take the smallest amount of beta blocker 12.5mg that I can and feel that.

Just wanted to know, knowing most of us are very sensitive to meds, how much you are getting by on. Of course I am still nail biting over the possible side effects, especially when it comes to the heart, and then forseeing into the future about withdrawal if I can ever come off of it.

Thanks friends, hope for those of you who are experiencing the heat and humidity you are keeping cool and hydrated.

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My Dr started me out at 5mg of Celexa, after 3 weeks I went to 10 mg. That is where I am now. I have been on 10 for about 3 weeks. I do get headaches and nausea but it is starting to subside some. I go back and see my MD today so he may increase it again.

I am like you, terrified of meds and their side effects but I am at a point that I have nothing to lose at this point becasue my POTS is so bad.

Good luck and let us know how you do.


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Be prepared for a possibly tough adjustment period. See if there is any way your doctor can start you on a dose that is lower than the typical starting dose.

I take prozac. It changed my life! The most I ever took was 20 mg/day. I have tried going off it several times with bad consequences (POTS symptoms returned virtually full force). I now take 20 mg every other day.


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i'm not taking one currently but have been on lexapro & celexa (only one at a time) in the past. i actually just stopped the lexapro when i went to vanderbilt & may & didn't restart it (under the direction of my doc upon our new mix of meds to try). when i stopped i was on 20mg of lexapro nightly. i had a REALLY tough time stopping it (along with the rest of my meds) but it was seemingly not just being off them but getting off them...a withdrawal of sorts. i think the SSRIs helped me at one point in terms of symptoms but somewhere along the way lost effect for me...when i first started them i had a bit of nausea but not bad & not for long...

good luck!


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I, too, am extremely sensitive to meds. I started on Lexapro at 2.5 mg (yes, that's a crumb!) and worked my way up to 5mg after a couple of weeks. Believe it or not, I stayed at 5mg and found that low dose helped quite a bit with my hair-trigger heart rate, unexplained waves of nervousness / anxiety, and other hyperadrenergic symptoms. Unfortunately, I also suffered from side effects at that low dose, as well: night sweats and vivid dreams (which were totally tolerable from my standpoint) and MAJOR increase in ectopic heartbeats (NOT tolerable, from my standpont!) Ultimately, I made the decision to go med-free because the irregular heartbeats were driving me nuts and my ANS issues were getting better over time.

I still have days when I'm symptomatic, and I'll sometimes take a crumb of beta blocker (Kerlone / Betaxolol) if my HR is really haywire. But usually it goes away on its own.

I say 'go for it' with your doctor's OK on the SSRI. It really did help with the hyperadrenergic symptoms. And not many have the irregular heartbeat as a side effect, though sweats and vivid dreams are somewhat common.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes for you!

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