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Passed out in Walmart today.

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Hi All,

Just have to tell you about my day....

Went to Walmart to get dog food and passed out cold. No warning this time. Talk about a fiasco. EMS, people staring at me. (even wet my pants ). I refused to go to the hospital, my daughter picked me up. Paramedic said my bp was 80/60 pulse 118. I told him that was good for me. He looked at me like I was a nut. The good thing about it was I got a liter of saline in the back of an ambulance in walmart parking lot, feel great now, lol :rolleyes: They had the iv in with a bag of normal saline hanging and I turned up the flow when they werent looking. (gonna have to pay for the whole bag anyway).

NEVER going back to walmart!!

Peace All


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I am so sorry that you passed out in walmart!

It must be a walmart thing, because last nigth I blacked out in the check out in line, it was not cool!

Atleast you got some IV fluids.. a horrible way to get it though!!

hope that you are feeling better!

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:D We'll all have to blame it on those dropping prices that they always advertise on TV :rolleyes: ....

But seriously...I'm sorry that happened to you, it must have been scary!! Glad you are feeling better now. Thank goodness they called the ambulance quickly for you to get you some fluids, was it hot outside at the time? Hope your day improved and you're feeling better soon.

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UGGGHH! I know how miserable these experiences can be!!!!

Are you okay in terms of no broken bones, concussion etc.?

I had to laugh at your comment about turning up the saline. I've been in the ER at times when they started it too fast (for me my body adjusts much better with a slow drip) and when they weren't looking I would slow it down if they didn't listen to my request!

You are right....they will charge you for the whole bag anyway.

Hope you are "okay" and feel much better soon!

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Hi Janine,

I am sorry for your faint at the Walmart. It must have been a difficult situation especially with your daugther being there (if she is young) and feeling so crappy.

I hope you feel better today.

I am glad you got the IV and proud of you for cranking it up.

I have to go. I am getting some blood test and hopefully my IVs.

Have a nice day.


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janine -

sorry you had such a rotten walmart outting but glad that you were able to avoid hanging out in the ER for the day (as long as - i hope - that was an okay decision to make?!) do you have someone with you for the rest of the day or at least checking in with you to make sure you're okay (relatively speaking...i know you've already been having a tough time)? i know that after a total black-out i am almost always really "crashed" for the day, although hopefully the fluids will help that some for you....go you for turning up the IV!

walmart is one of the places i've "gotten over myself" enough & now use a wheelchair...once i bit the bullet & did it the first time it has made the outing much less stressful. in fact it's switched my allegiance from target to walmart b/c our new walmart has really nice wheelchairs with baskets (as well as scooters) & target only has the big scooters that i'm sort of scared of using. but i too often think i'll be fine if i'm running in to the store for one or two things.

i hope you're doing okay now. i'm trying to figure out the best strategy myself right now for getting toilet paper & cat food in this atrocious heat.

hang in there,


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Good grief!! :rolleyes: I hope you are feeling better today. Maybe you just needed those extra fluids. Haven't heard from you in a while, added you to my yahoo IM. Let us know how you are doing, next time maybe you should try a WC or scooter, even if you don't want to (like me :D )

Take care,


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Hi Janine;

WHAT IS IT ABOUT WAL-MART??? I get very symptomatic when I am there also. I have had so many panic attacks and dizzy spells that my symptoms start when I am in the parking lot.

I really do think it is because the store is so big! There is way too much stimulation in there for me. While walking around the store I feel like I am walking a couple of miles. My Cardiologist told me that when I go shopping I will only be able to go in, get what I need and then leave. I don't think anyone can do that going into Wal-Mart.

I feel bad for you for having such an aweful experience, but I am glad that you are OK now. Your comments were so funny, especially the IV one. And I am sure you knew more about what was going on then the EMS did.

I will use the motorized carts from now on. I had a difficult time the last time I was at Wal-Mart. But I have to "get over myself" too. Heh, that's what they have those carts for anyway. Why go through the stress and suffering.

Take care,

KathyP :rolleyes:

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the support. I feel like poop. Physically just tired, the fluid helped. But I am in the biggest brain fog since i passed out. Bruised my shoulder, but its ok.

We should do a poll, about walmart episodes. :blink:

Thanks again for letting me know Im not alone...

Hope everyone had a good day.



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