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Proranolol making me have HBP?


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I've been taking propranolol for about 3 years, i take it every few days 30mg once a day when I need it or when I know I'm going to be anxious. My BP has always been normal if not perfect. Until the last 6 months my blood pressure has been elevated, so I started taking more pronranolol thinking it could lower it, seems that it just kept getting higher. I was in the ER the other day because my BP was 155/105, I know thats' not hypertensive crisis but for someone with normal BP I was worried. They said everything was fine, well since then I stopped taking my propranolol and my blood pressure is back down to 115/80 like it has been. I'm so confused and now I'm scared to even take my propranolol which was kind of my life line when I was anxious. Anyone experienced anything similar?

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Exaccerbated symptoms from pure beta blockers like propranolol for those that are hyperadrenergic is consistent with Dr Blair Grubb's 2008 article. The norepinephrine ends up binding to more alpha receptors as a result of the blocked beta receptors.  In that article, he recommends alpha-beta blockers like labetolol instead of pure beta blockers. 



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