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possible meds for treatment

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I am not on meds now and haven't been in a while. I was unable to tolerate a BB and I was on Zoloft for a while and that was terrible. I have so many med intolerances now.

I was just wondering what medications are possible for treatment of my symptoms. Right now I get the brain fog, anxiety, muscle weakness, light headedness, fast heart rate and shortness of breath but my bp seems normal. It actually can be a little on the high side. So even when I feel bad my bp doesn't seem low.

I was wondering what med options that are out there that really calm me down and mellow me out and help me feel less anxious, maybe lower my heart rate. I don't want to be on something that is going to make me sleep all day or be in more of a fog. Is there something I can take only when I have to, during an actual episode or am I limited to taking something every day to keep it in my bloodstream. Because I do have a lot of good days now and I don't want something in my system all of the time. My light headed episodes don't seem related to low bp so I am at a loss of how to treat it.

I know this seems like an odd question and it does require a dr's opinion but you guys have so much experience in this area and I wanted to see if any of you have any ideas.

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Thanks for the response, Ernie. No, I have not tried that yet and I grit my teeth when I even think about being on meds. It has actually become an irrational fear of mine to take anything. But after so many sensitivities to meds, who could blame me? I just wanted to know of some personal experiences with some of you on this board. I don't even know what is even out there right now.

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This is definately something to discuss with your Dr.!

There are medications out there though that you don't have to take all the time; you could take them as needed. In fact, I am very intolerant to medications but I do have a BB on hand to take when my tachycardia is really out of control. I end up in bed either way...if my heartrate is too fast I can't function and if I take the med I can't function so I always have to decide which will be the lesser of two evils.

I often have a very fast heart rate with a normal blood pressure so you aren't alone there.

Another medication that worked really well for me was .05 mg of Klonopin. I did not take it every day (I know some people do). I used it if I had several really bad days in a row. For me, it was a miracle drug...it helped me sleep, it calmed my stomach, it eased anxiety. It would break the worst of the cycle and I would start to feel better.

I really haven't been able to take any medication on a regular basis with the exception of my thryoid med.

Talk to your Dr though because there are options. Even Midodrine might help you because it's short acting.

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You aren't alone in the anxiety about taking meds either!!! I have had so many bad experiences it's not even funny. And NOW I DO have anxiety issues about meds (my body has learned to fear it I guess).

One thing I do that helps ease my mind (because I live alone) ...if I have to take a new med I will call someone and ask them to come over or I will call them and tell them I'm about to take something and to call me every 15 minutes for the next hour. It's just my way of staying calmer because I know if I react badly someone will know (hopefully in time to help me if I need it).

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i understand your fear of drugs, i am also sensative and getting worse about drugs i can handle. try hayfever without antihistamines and decongestants. have you tried natural things? vitamins and minerals, herbs?

i prefere to use vitamins and minerals to treat some troubles, though my benifits might not be yours.

vitamin b complex has helped with muscle troubles and i do think it helps my memory. mabey a placebo effect. i use a b-100 complex every day.

magnesium has helped in a few ways. one, my bowels, they do "move" alot better, i have also noticed that i have less tachycardia on the dose i am using now, and i have cut back on my bb with continued benefits. i use 1200-1600 mgs of magnesium a day. i have been checked by my doc for to much in my system, but i seem to be handling it very well. and in my case the bowel help alone is worth it. it also helps with absorbtion of other vitamins and minerals.

i also take a vitamin c with rosehips(500mgs) 3 times a week and 400ui of vitamin e 4 days a week. i'm not really sure if they make a differnece but i seem to be getting less cold and flu symptoms then i did last year and with two kids bring home everything from school it did help.

i use ativan for sleep and anxiety, xanax didn't work out for me.

and don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and salt also, i use sea salt on the reconmendation of some others on this site. compression stockings help me, especially in the heat.

that is all i can think of

best of luck,


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I use .25 mg Klonopin (clonazepam) as needed -- which has been once a day for the last few months. I feel as though it doesn't make me tired but helps me to relax enough that I am not hypervigilant about every little weird thing going on in my body. I do take a beta blocker to control the tachycardia, but if you've tried several and haven't had success, that's understandable. There are different kinds to try, though.

I have all of your symptoms -- including the muscle weakness. I am actually doing physical therapy right now to see if I can improve at all, mostly focusing on strengthening my core muscles, plus some arm/leg exercises. So far I don't feel stronger, but it's only been three weeks.

I also take Vit. B complex, calcium/mag, and fish oil, plus a high-quality multivitamin. I feel better overall when I follow this regimen, but I am not sure why. I figure I must be getting better nutrient absorption or something.

Wish I had a magic pill to give you, but I don't think one exists. Try to use your mind, too, to control your symptoms by thinking positively and perhaps spending some quiet time each day meditating or doing relaxation exercises. This can really help calm down the nervous system and it's very safe (no drugs required!).

Take care and keep us posted on how you feel.


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Check out the main dinet site at http://www.dinet.org and then click on "what helps"

Michelle has reviewed all the options that might help folks with ans problems, and cross links to the research that supports the use of these treatments. Also, it lists over the counter items too.



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Thanks, MightMouse! I will check it out.

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Hi April -

There's not much to add to what others have mentioned & most of all to the link Nina (MightyMouse) directed you to, but I just wanted to say good luck. The best approach, depending on your doctor, might be to read up some on your own & then bring up the issue. That way you'll have lots of knowledge at your disposal & perhaps will have something that your doc wouldn't have thought of on his/her own but thinks might make sense & is willing to try. Let us know how things go...


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