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Feel Worse When Sleeping In


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Does anyone feel worse when they sleep in? I normally wake up at 8:30 or earlier. But for some reason today I slept in until 9:15! All day I have been feeling miserable! Very foggy, lightheaded and very tired. I seem to feel better during the day when I wake up at 6:30-8 am.

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My POTS symptoms seem better when I don't get enough sleep. After diagnosis about 2 months ago I have let myself sleep as much as I want...9+ hours per night, except one day a week when I teach early & only get 6 or 7 hrs. Invariably my POTS symptoms arent as bad that day,even though I stand a lot and am teaching all day until 5:30. It does wear me out and take a day or so to recover but during the busy day I feel better. Could this have to do with adrenaline? One thing is I doubt I am dehydrated overnight as i am extremely thirsty and wake up to drink (and eliminate) water 2-3 times and sometimes consume 32 oz overnight.

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