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  1. There is a really good recipe that I found online. It is just two ingredients :). You take 1 medium banana, and 2 large eggs. You get a bowl and mash the bananas so they are like almost soupy. Then you take eggs in a separate bowl and mix those up good. Then combine the two and get it mixed real well. You can add 1/8 of baking powder to make fluffier pancakes. you can also add cinnamon, vanilla extract or other things as well. I just use the banana eggs and baking powder and they are delicious! If you don't want to use syrup as i don't like to use it because of the artificial ingredients you
  2. Took this photo On monday i think. :) 


  3. Took this photo last night of the full moon rising outside my home : ) 


  4. Anxiety in itself can make you feel foggy disoriented and zombie like. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and OCD my whole life. I noticed that after starting Atenolol in October 2013 It has helped the physical parts of anxiety like the heart racing, sweating and what not. But I still get brain foggy and not thinking straight. It seems like the side effects I get from atenolol is lack of energy and more tiredness and a little more brain fog. I don't have energy to work out anymore so I just do 10 minute videos. I also have noticed I have been getting a lot more vivid d
  5. an hour or two ago I had a weird sensation that I was on an elevator or the floor moved or something. or like the floor moved up and down I had that weird sensation then felt hot afterwards. bad brain fog today as well! anyone ever get that weird elevator sensation? I was not even on an elevator at all recently!
  6. I used to have hypoglycemia. It has been almost a year without having hypoglycemia anymore!! I never had hypoglycemia problems until in middle school when I was put on celexa for my anxiety. well right after the medication I started getting hypoglycemia. We didntt connect the two until last yr. I went off the med and my anxiety has been better and my blood sugar is back to normal. I do have some tips for you. My doctor told me to avoid blood sugar crashes to always have protein and a certain amount of carbs. I always like to make sure my snack or meal was 15 grams of carbs or more but not real
  7. How long does it take to get a dysautonomia service dog?
  8. I get lightheaded and just disoriented when it rains. Today I feel so out of it like im in a fog and like im in a dream and can't wake up. I am exhausted as well.
  9. I get shortness of breath a lot lately. My parents keep saying oh its anxiety. but I get it when I am not anxious. It's a frustrating symptom. I get so anxious that something is wrong with me. I use my rescue inhaler a lot because I keep wondering if it is asthma. that doesn't help so I use vicks and eat strong mints and use mint chapstick. I wouldn't recommend the chapstick because I use the carmex so much my lips are thinning like crazy. I use vicks everynight to help my shortness of breath. I hope that is safe to use everyday.
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