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NIH Clinical Study for Dysphagia


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Just an update for those of you who know how much trouble I have been having with my throat and swallowing.

I was just accepted into a Clinical Study at NIH specifically for diagnosing Dysphagia (Protocol # 87-CC-0160).

I will be spending about 6 hours at the hospital while doctors who specialize in swallowing disorders (not just regular ENTs) perform several tests to try and determine the source of my throat 'episodes' which prevent me from swallowing, talking, eating, and which often lead to choking.

I have been fighting this symptom for a very long time and feel this is my best chance at getting a diagnosis and possibly finding some relief as there are also Clinical Trials at NIH that include new technologies for aiding people with swallowing difficulties.

I know its not the OI study, but I thought I would post here as I have received so much support in the past when dealing with all of my autonomic related symptoms. I will post the results when I return next Wednesday!

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YAY!! I am so happy for you Dan, I really hope you get some answers. I've been following your story and really hoping and praying that this is something you won't have to deal with much longer. Keep us updated!!

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