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Chest Pain?


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I have been doing so well without having palpitations. Then yesterday and today I noticed one or two big ones a day. Then last night when i woke up in the middle of the night to use the rest room afterwards i started getting chest pain. It was weird it was like really achy around my chest and my upper back. Worse when i breathed in. I also had a little heart burn and have been having worse heart burn today. Anyone else get weird chest pain like that? I am just wondering because since being on atenolol I have been doing well. No palpitations too except the past two days.

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My palpitations come and go without rhyme or reason that I have found. I usually get some at the same time everyday. I take a pepcid as that helps with heart burn I get but I usually can't tell if what I am feeling is chest pain or heart burn. I try really hard not to get up in the night as I get these same feelings and when I lay back down my heart is flip flopping all over the place for a bit.

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Oh yes. Hate getting up to use the bathroom. Will surely be up for a long time due to palpitations/heart rate. But can't go back to sleep if bladder full. Catch 22. Need water. Need to sleep.

I have chest pain that comes and goes sometimes I can have a few weeks without any. But this is not new to me. I have had mild heart valve issue (whole life).

My chest pain has changed and increased slightly with dysauthonomia issues in past year or two. I have many diff. types of chest pain some of which might be like what you are describing. Sometimes laying on one side vs. the other helps. Water helps...again the catch22!

Worth mentioning to dr. next time you are in of course. If dr. says it is nothing then you may not have the adrenaline of worry that of course makes chest pain worse you know?

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Yes, sometimes often, sometimes it goes into quiet mode. Sometimes it lasts 1 hour, sometimes it is short pulse of 1/2 second.

It even varies location but it is always on the left side.

Sometimes it feels like chest tightness and makes me think it is a heart attack.

I have been to cardiologist. Multiple ECGs, blood tests, 1 echocardiogram showed it is normal.

I have no idea what the solution is but if I concentrate on it, it gets worst. It is best not to think about it, such as talk to someone while you are having an episode or go for a walk. It will likely help a little.

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I must play Jewish mother here because I am one....it should hurt you to get an EKG for peace of mind?

I'm concerned because of your stated heart problems in you signature.

If this is new for you, and serious enough for you to post, it would be prudent to check it out ASAP....especially since you have radiant pain in your back.

You know not to fool around with chest pain!

Please report back....(hope it's simply holiday GERD!)


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My chest pain comes and goes but I have tracked it and "Most" of the time it is stress related and half a clonazepam (if it is really bad) helps alot. I have learned not to mention to my PCP because she will feel the need to do an EKG which for me is always OK....I have mild diastolic heart failure but it doesn't affect the % of my heart function-its a stiff chamber that does not fill well.

My palpitations get worse if I have not kept up with my fluid intake so I try my darnedest (yes spelling is correct-looks weird) to keep up with it.

But when in doubt-get and EKG every time

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