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:( Hello all,

My goodness I cant seem to win here! I posted about 3-4 weeks ago, and at that time I was sick with walking pneumonia, and an ear infection.

Well, I am sick again! I have a terrible ear infection and a nasty cold. I saw the doctor yesterday, and she gave me a strong antibiotic to take along with Mucinex to take too.

I dont think that it has even been 2 weeks since since I got over the last illness.

My boyfriend thinks that my immune system is down, and not fighting off infections and stuff. I have to wonder that myself.

But anyways, I feel terrible, and my pots is acting up badly. I know that infections can cause your pots to become worse. I feel at times that my body is working against me!

For the past 2 day, my blood pressure has been high, and my heart rate is soaring into the 170 range and higher. The top of my head feels like it is going to explode! :o Not even laying down releaves the tachycardia much. its still beating really fast about 135-140, thats not as bad as being in the 170's, but still it shouldnt be beating that fast.

Also, do any of you have problems with your legs? I am having a terrible time with mine. I am loosing my ability to be able to walk around, climb the stairs, H*** today I could even bend my legs to get my socks on, how pathedic is that??

My doc's think that it is the pots, causing me to loose my leg functioning.

I start physical therapy for my legs next week, and in about 2 weeks I will start aqautic therapy.. so I am hoping that this will help.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to what to do in the mean time? I feel like my level of functioning is just going down the drain.

OH I am so Frustrated!!!!!!

allright well I will stop rambling for now, I have fallen into a deep potsy hole, Help!!!!!!!

I feel horrible :)


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So sorry you are feelin so bad. It does seem that once we get hit with one infection it knocks us out and leaves us open for another and it seems to happen we do get another.

Maybe there is something to help your immune system like Vit.C,(I take more of it when I feel something coming on and it seems to help)even Zinc,(I do that too). Maybe it will just give you the extra boost to help you get back.

Feel better!!!

BTW, that mucinex can really knock out the mucus monster, works for me!

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mom4cem... and Ernie.. I will have to look into what you suggested, I will have to look into it!!

What exactly is Zinc??

thanks again


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I'm sorry you're in the hole. You don't have much luck lately, being sick so much. I hope you will recover soon. Try to do some exercises while being in bed or in a chair. When I'm lying in my chair I make circles with my feet to keep them busy. When I take a bath I lift my legs (it's easier being in the water) so that they keep on moving. Even the little things count, so just try it. It makes you feel satisfied about yourself to work on yourself (at least that's how I feel).

Best of luck and take care,


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I take Echinacia pills (sp?) when I get sick to give my immune system a boost. Ziacam is a nasal spray which is supposed to shorten the duration a cold. Drink lots of water. When we have an infection, we lose fluid which makes POTS worse.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


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Oy, you're having a tough time of it! Make sure you keep resting, eating as well rounded a diet as you can, and do your PT. I hope you're feeling yourself again soon.


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hi everyone, thank you for your support and suggestions!

I hope that i start feeling better soon too!!!!!


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It's funny you mention being sick/ fluy, as I was talking to my GP about this just the other day. I told him that I always dive straight into a POTS hole if I get any infections or viruses.

I'm sure the immune system goes wonky in dysautonomia.

But another thing I'm starting to realise too, is that if I take time out because a virus has knocked me flat- i.e I have to lie in bed for a bit longer than normal--then that can send me POTT(s)Y! It's the worst thing that can happen. Every time I get a MAJOR virus (I'm thinking last October and this February) my poor system goes MENTAL. And I invariably end up in hospital.

so next time I get the flu, I will be prepared for a crappy ride. It would be useful if I could know what the best thing to do would be- to lie in bed so the flu passes and then get POTSy? Or to keep going and faint anyway cos of feeling so crappy generally?

I don't think there is a right answer. So I share your frustration! Hope you start to feel better soon :D

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