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Heart medication and pregnancy


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Dear All

Thank you for all your advice. Please can you give me the names of the medication you used when you were pregnant? Please give me the active ingredients to the heart medication used and not the trade names. My doctor will be contacted my Cardiologist and gyny to discuss this. I need your stories and medication names. Please also mention that you had healthy babies and that your health needed the medication. Hoping your stories will help me. I cant live like this anymore.


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Hi Ling,

I have to look into this some more but what I have right now is to tell you this. My first and second pregnancies were without any meds, from what I remember. My third though, and that was almost 4 yrs ago I took tenormin, a beta blocker which I was taking a low dose daily since I was very symptomatic with pac/pvcs and tachycardia but I had to increase during my pregnancy and I also took Klonopin which is an anti-anxiety medicine and I took that on an as needed basis. All this was cleared with my ob/gyn who felt that the better physical and state of mind I was in the better it would be for the baby. He was born on time, no problems and healthy. He is now almost 4. I think had I really forced myself not to use anything during those times, the stress would have caused more trouble. I also had a little pre-term labor(not from the meds) and I had to take steriod shots to speed up the little guys lung maturity. And like I said he is fine, normal 3yr old.

I'll post the active ingredients when I can spend more time looking it up.

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Ling--I think this is a reasonable approach. I don't have personal info for you. I didn't take any POTS meds during pregnancy. For one thing, I wasn't diagnosed until after pregnancy. I felt extremely well and "normal" when I conceived. I felt somewhat bad to terrible during the last half of my pregnancy, but lived with it b/c I had no diagnosis. I had to quit work at 7 months. My daughter is absolutely fine and was born slightly after term.

If you are really having trouble coping with your symptoms, it really makes sense to look into options. Ethansmom/Jessica probably has some information for you on this, as will some others. I wish there were definitive information available.

BTW, it is interesting that your doctor says or thinks you have serotonin deficiency. I believe this is my problem now too (since pregnancy especially). I feel great/good as long as I stay on a small amount of SSRI. Every time I try to go off, I start to feel terrible again, have wide bp fluctuations, etc.

I would be curious specifically about SSRIs and pregnancy in your case, as well as beta blockers.

Take care and hope you get the info you need.


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I am glad you decided to talk to your doctor about this more, and that they will hopefully work something out for you in terms of treatment. I know you've been having a really tough time without your medications.

We all know it is optimal to be medication free during pregnancy, but many doctors agree that keeping a normal heart rate/rythym and a healthy state of mind is the most important for the baby, especially as pregnancy progresses and there is more stress on the heart and circulatory system.

With my first pregnancy I took Florinef (fludrocortisone) and Sectral (Acebutolol) which is a beta blocker, for the entire 9 months also. My son was born at 38 weeks, weighed 6.0 lbs and was 18 3/4 inches long. He was a bit tiny but has since made up for it (and then some!) and has been strong and healthy since birth- he is now 2.5 years old.

This pregnancy I tried to stop my meds and ended up being pretty sick. I had problems with my heart rate going way too high and ended up going back on the beta blocker (Acebutolol) at the end of my first trimester. I've been on it the whole time and my heart rate is now under control and I have hardly any palpitations or other problems.

Good luck with your decision!

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Thank you all for the names and advice. I don?t know which heart medication I will be going on as yet. I am very excited and looking forward to starting my medication again. I cannot live with out my medication. Nervous about what my gyny is going to say. You all know how he feels about heart medication and babies. I might have to leave him if he does not want me to go onto anything. His opinion is coming at a great cost. It is not worth loosing my job or myself because of it. Not to mention what my wonderful husband is going through. :rolleyes:

Very Happy about this!!!!

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