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I know this topic is personal for some people but I just feel so depressed when I look in my medicine cabnet and I see all my prescriptions. I don't use them all on a daily basis but it's a CONSTANT reminder that I'm 28 and sick. I don't know why it bothers me so much to take meds, I just feel like they are toxic to my body. I know I need them but I haven't even started getting meds for POTS. I hate having my name on all these bottles. Does this bother anyone else? Do you get depressed when you open your medicine cabinet (daily. I know it's not my fault but it makes me feel like a failure.

Here's my list

I take daily

Microgestin -birthcontrol

aciphex 2x a day

zertec- allergies

singular- allergies

rhinocort- allergies

As needed I take

Mobic -headaches

tramadol -headaches

vistrial -headaches

relpax- migraines

xanax -anxiety

phenergan- nausea

That's alot and a few times a month I take 9 or 10 meds a day. That's too much. I also take alot of vitamins so I can hopefully eventually stop some of the medications. :blink:

I hate meds so much I tried a TON of alternative medicine (wasted alot of money :) )and I found chiropractic helps alot but it costs me $480 a month and we are a 1 income family so I'll have to stop that soon.

Does anyone have any words of advise? This subject just gives me soooo much anxiety I don't know what I should do. My husband suggested having the kids decorate labels and put them on the bottles so I can remember that I take all these so I can take care of my three cuties. :)


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Would you feel any different if the meds werefor Diabetes?

I take so many also, but I have pill boxes 3 for a day morn,aft,nite and have my husband fill them. I also think about the things that I can do becuseI take them


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Personally, if it were for diabetes or any other condition I would still be bothered by the amount of medication I have to take. It's really hard to wrap your mind around it and just be okay with it. The hardest time for me is when I have to tell a new doctor or fill out a form of all the medication I take. Sometimes it just feels ridiculous and even more so since I'm 22.

Your husband's suggestion of having your kids label your bottles as a reminder is very cute. You are doing it for them, yourself, and your husband so that the best of you is available to all. Hang in there!

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I used to be very anti-medication (for my own body) as I was a therapist and could treat many problems with natural medication. But when I crashed 4 years ago there was nothing in the natural medication that could help me because nothing was strong enough. When I started on the Proamatine I cried for 6 months because I did not want to put chemicals into my body. But as the time was going by I realised that with my meds I had a better quaity of life so I figured that I will take the medication and deal with the chemical toxicity. I have now a long list of chemical medications, chinese medications and natural medications but at least I am not bedridden and I can ride my wheelchair and have fun.


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