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Abdominal Pooling.

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Is it possible to have abdominal pooling without knowing it. I mean I know I pool in my legs because they go bright purple! Only I'm having a lot of trouble with feeling a lot more nauseous when I stand and along with that a need to go to the bathroom, and I was wondering if it could be abdominal pooling?

Also what are any and every benefits anyone has found from wearing an abdominal binder?


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I don't know if I have abdominal pooling or not, but I have a 'funny' feeling in my abdomen. I really don't know how to describe it, it just feels funny (weird). I have thought of getting a binder but haven't yet. I looked at them at the store the other day and thought they would not be very comfortable, so I didn't get one. I looked in the sporting goods dept at the ones that Velcro around you and I looked in the lingerie dept at the shapewear type garments. I would like to know also what kind people wear and if they help. I assume it helps some or people wouldn't wear them :) The day I was looking, it was sooo hot outside and I couldn't imagine walking around in a binder on such a hot day.

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I have definite pooling verified by testing and the midodrine I takes seems to help the nausea more than anything for me. Neurologist said to wear 30-40 compression socks and shape wear up to my Braline if I can't stand the full compression tights. I tried the shape wear but for some reason I felt worse that day. Part of it may be that I seem to have abdominal pain anyway so I couldn't stand having anything pressing. I figure I will try again when the weather cools a bit.

I told the GI doc that I did t understand why the nausea if alot of blood is pooling there as I would figure more would be available to the stomach and intestines to utilize. He said that the blood pools in tissues in the wrong places and then less is available for the GI tract. Ahhhh! I seeee.....I said.

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