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  1. I literally put some salt on a teaspoon, put it in my mouth and wash it straight down with water. If you put it nearish the back of your tongue and don't close your mouth until you are swallowing the water, you don't tend to taste it. I find it helps a lot to do this in the morning. For some reason it can make me feel sick if I do it later in the day, but no problems with that in the morning.
  2. When your doctor asks you if you were a med student because medical jargon just rolls off your tongue! When you ask your doctor if it could be PoTS and he has to ask you how it's diagnosed! When you get excited about different types of salt, "Ooh look, it comes in pink too!", and you are the only person who looks at the salt content on items and exclaims about how stupidly low the salt content is! "What! These potato chips now only have as much salt in them as a slice of bread!!! How rubbish is that?!!!" When you could seriously write a guide book of all your local hospitals!
  3. I think this is to do with it: http://www.dysautonomiainternational.org/page.php?ID=200 It looks like they've given a grant to the doctors doing the research so that they can go on with the next phase.
  4. I've always thought that my acrocyanosis is from blood pooling in my legs. If I stand still with one leg on the floor and one leg up on something, then only the leg down on the floor goes purple/grey. Also when I walk they go back to a more normal colour, and I assumed that was because the blood was being pumped back up due to activation of the calf muscles.
  5. Yes, last year I had this a LOT of the time, though it's not been so bad this year. It feels like the floor is moving up and down and around.
  6. 'I defied gravity for 5 minutes straight!'
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. I hope we can all find some relief from this. If I find out anything that helps I'll let you know, although sometimes it can be hard to tell what's helping because it comes and goes anyway. I'm so sorry for you guys that are dealing with this constantly. Bebe, that's really interesting that yours tends to start up in the afternoon and evening too. I wonder what causes it? Janet, that's interesting that an antihistamine helps your mother. My tinnitus often gets a lot worse after I've been cleaning a dusty room or something like that. Lyla
  8. I get a buzzing, humming sound in my left ear quite a lot. Interestingly it often starts in the afternoon, gets louder and louder throughout the evening and then stops during the night, only to start again the next afternoon. Does anyone else find this? It's worse than normal at the moment and is buzzing nearly all the time, and I wondered if anyone on here who has tinnitus has found anything that helps? Thanks,
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