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Michelle-Nina: Having topics labled more clearly

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I posted this elsewhere, Michelle but posted it here so you wouldn't have to spend time re-sifting thru info if you didn't have to. If you have already mentioned my suggestion and I missed it, I am sorry for the redundancy.


Michelle and others,

As a somewhat new poster to this site I think the confusingly titled, or off topic threads could be helped by one thing: Specific topic names of a new thread. SOme have generic titles that don't tell you enough about the subject matter, imo.

Many post "Help, what's this? or Med question" and we have no idea what they mean. OR they type 'off topic' and you don't know what that means. OFF TOPIC like they want to rant about a problem with a kid/spouse or off topic like getting a parking ticket??

(As far as updating on cats each day, has SOMEBODY really done that? LOL. I am a proud, responsible, Kathie Lee Gifford type CAT mom of two indoor 'kids' but would never think of wasting valuable space here for pet news or daily diaries of my stuff.)

If folks want to keep personal diaries, to it on your own site. I didn't know folks did that here.

If people could be, in GENERAL, more DETAILED in naming threads, that could help MANY OF US that simply don't have the energy to read all the posts here.

I admit, I don't read many posts here but it would be nice to know what I am clicking on by the 'title' of the topic. Maybe that's a HUGE thing to ask but just a suggestion. That way, if folks aren't interested in a certain problem or poster they can just SKIP IT. None of us are forced to read all the threads when we come here. Why choose to aggravate yourself by a subject or poster? We are all adults and should not bother Michelle and Nina with minutia, jmo. Part of using the Internet is to act and behave responsibly like an adult. Oh, and another IMPORTANT FEATURE I have used many times...the EDIT button!!! that way, if one of us has temporarily lost our senses and ranted and raved, we can apologize and or EDIT our posts.

I have had shoelaces hanging out of my mouth on occassion (from inserting my foot!!) but have NEVER hesitated to state my case, edit and or apologize. Part of this illness IS feeling like **** and being cranky but it is NO excuse to be hateful to people.

oh, and the off topic stuff about MUSIC and MOVIES should NOT TRULY be off topic but "coping mechanisms" in dealing with chronic illness. aka Therapy!! It's all about common sense and moderation in how we present our posts.

Thanks for all who moderate this place. And BIG THANKS for keeping RELIGION OUT of the picture. That's a personal situation.

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Here, here! Generic labels like "i have a question" don't give our members any sense of what is contained. Better labels are things like:

"question about diagnositic critieria"


"need info on proamatine"


"bad experience at doctor, need suggestions"


I think everyone here would benefit from clarity in the subject lines for each topic--you get two lines of text for each title.

Nina :)

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I totally agree with this. Good one Sophia! I tend to be a surfer, and look at threads that may help me or I may be of some for. For instance, since I don't have syncope, I can't really help anyone who does if the thread is specific to that. But it helps to know that it is. But if someone titles it, I have a cardiac or a question about heart blah blah, I know I may be able to be of some help or learn something. I think it is essential that we make our thread titles specific. morgan

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DEFINITELY!!!! I agree wholeheartedly...i have problaby missed posts that i should have read, but didn't b/c the title wasn't clear...so i moved on to a topic that i recognized and grabbed my attention b/c 1) i would like to learn more about the topic, 2) it's a topic i might have some insight to share...

thanks all...

we'll get 'the kinks out' and figure this out soon. man, i can't avoid these idioms can i? corina is going to be going nuts!

oh, and sophia...i think, too that it is very important to keep movie lists, healing music, or good books as posts...b/c i have to send someone to the movie store for me...and if i know what others here like...i'm all ready to try some of those movies out. plus, as another homebound person, even book suggestions are great b/c i can't go to the library myself. and these are some of the only things that i can do right now to cope with this illness.

okay, ramling big time and the ambien is really kicking in! goodnight! (sophia, i sure am hoping for some sleep tonight!)


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