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I just thought it would be fun to ask a question that helps us get to know each other and take our minds of our illness for a few minutes. So here goes....

What's your all time favorite movie?

It hard for me to answer... I have lots of favorites... I love Jane Austen movies, especially "Pride and Predjudice" (with Colin Firth - Persephone B) ), "Persuasion" and "Sense and Sensability". I also love "Much Ado About Nothing" with Kenneth Branaugh, and oldies like "Casablanca", "African Queen" and "Philadelphia Story".

I like modern movies too like "While You were Sleeping", "Secondhand Lions" and "Sea Biscuit".

But my all time favorite... the one I have watched the very most... is......

Anne of Green Gables (with Megan Follows) !!!


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I think this is a good question for us. Since we sit and lie down so very well, as opposed to standing and walking, we should have good movies to watch during all that sitting and lying. I hope others post so that I can find some good video titles to rent.

My all time favorites:

Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Master and Comander . . . this gives a wonderful historical picture of life on a Brittish navy ship. Loved the characters, too.

Pirates of the Carribean with Johnny Depp. Some spooky scenes with humor--very entertaining.

Notting Hill . . . this one was a hoot with Julia Roberts

Mystic Pizza... just fun with good characters

(I think I really like Julie Roberts flicks!)

Moonstruck with Cher. If you have never seen this one, rent it.

My big fat Greek Wedding. Or course everyone has seen it. My son married a Greek girl. We had our own real-life version of this movie--only without Windex.

Roxanne with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah. Steve Martin was wonderful.

Mystery Alaska. This is a hockey movie set in Alaska. It is wonderful even if you don't like sports. Characters are well developed and likable.

Okay, I will quit. There are other good ones out there. Someone else please post a list so I can discover them.

Michigan Jan

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Man I wrote down my list and computer crashed. I HATE that.

A Beautiful mind

Anything Jane Austen

Ice Castles

The cutting Edge

Fire in the Sky

The gift

L.A. Confidential

Mystery Alaska

A walk to remember

TITANIC of course


And absolutely love Bridget Jones and Notting Hill

Band of brothers, sat through the whole ten hours

The Passion so intense

How many can we name? morgan

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This is a good question, very fun!!!

My all time favorite is Brahm Stokers Dracula.

Moonstruck is my family, I swear, I have a copy of this movie and it is a typical Italian family, Great Flick.

Anything with Johnny Depp or Val Kilmer, they are both wonderful actors (and Hotties too)


Whats eating Glibert Grape

Gone With The Wind, of course

The Godfather series too.

Peace All


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Several of you have mentioned Johnny Depp... have you seen "Finding Neverland" ? We rented it recently and my whole family loved it! He is a very diverse actor.

I love Gone with the Wind too.... I'm named after someone in the movie too!

Janine... we'll all have to rent Moonstruck so we can get to know you... hee hee.

I love the way we all have diversified tastes!

Morgan, my kids love the band "Switchfoot". They play the song the girl in "A Walk To Remember" (can't remember her name) sings. So I hear it ALOT! Have you heard any of their albums?


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Roselover Mandy Moore

Newest movie out Notebook Awesome movie, have to see it

All time favorite. MASK with Cher. that movie has stuck with since I first saw it. Taught me a great lesson in life. Doesn't matter what we look like on the outside its whats inside that counts :rolleyes: AMEN

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Hi Roselover,

I love these topics, although I'm having trouble thinking, I'll try. I loved Titanic, The horsewhisperer, Out of Africa. Merrill Streep is my favourite actrice, I love most of her movies. I liked the Bridget Jones movies, and Finding Neverland (which made me cry, as did), Million Dollar Baby. And why do you guys like Collin Firth so much (can you please explan that to me????? Or maybe Stacey can?????).

Persephone when I saw your little picture you so confused me that I thought you were a man!!!! I thought, boy now I'm really getting nuts, Persephone is a MAN. Untill I found out it was Collin Firth!!!!!

When I figured out my all time favourite movie, I'll let you know Roselover!


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Well, that's soon: I can't think of the name of the movie (I've also read the book), but it was about Francesca and the bridges. Yesssss I know: The bridges of Madison county is my all time favourite, this also made me cry. It seems that I cry a lot :rolleyes:


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Actually, Corina, I must admit that I have only seen one movie with Colin Firth in it and that is Pride and Predujice (Jane Austen) I guess we'll have to leave that question to Persephone.

I forgot to list some of the musicals I love... like My Fair Lady (I was in it on stage in High School), and Sound of Music.

OH! and has anyone seen "What's Up Doc" with Barbara Streisand and ... oh darn can't pull up his name :rolleyes: ... I'll remember it soon...

My 15 year old daughter says I have to mention "Hello Dolly" it her very favorite musical movie right now. She's a dancer and loves the dancing as well as Barbara Streisand's voice.


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My daughter hasn't danced in any musicals... yet.... though she really wants to and will be auditioning for some musicals this coming fall.

She has been dancing mostly ballet, but also jazz and modern with a dance company in our area. She has been in the Nutcracker Ballet for 7 years and was actually cast as Clara the year before last. Wow, was that a huge thrill!! She loves perfroming... and dreams of being on Broadway. She's got a great voice too, but needs some training.

My oldest daughter has been very invovled in stage work. Both girls attended a school focused on the arts and Marie, my oldest was in Fiddler On the Roof and starred in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night last year. She was Olivia.

And as long as I am doing some mother's day bragging, my son is very artistic as well and has just begun playing the guitar, drums and electric guitar. For mothers day he wrote me 4 songs!

OK... enough bragging... but I love stage and theatre talk!!!!


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Some of my favorites:


Home Alone -- these are both Christmas movies, I love Christmas!

Sound of Music

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

Big Fat Greek Wedding

oh yeah, Napoleon Dynamite --- it's one of a kind but HALARIOUS!

Have any of you seen this?


p.s. Thanks for giving me a list of Movie's that I need to see! I seem to be WAY behind!

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Oh Lisa, how could I have forgotten Christmas movies???

How about White Christmas with Bing Crosby? It's one of our favorites. And Elf is very funny! I think we're going to have to buy that one...

Yes, I have seen Napoleon Dynamite... it's quite the hit around here with the teenagers. I hear it quoted all the time! It's got to be one of the most ingenious, stupid, funny and intriguing movies made lately! My favorite part is when Deb comes to sell glamor shots and little bracelets.


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I have not been able to even watch TV or movies since my surgery b/c of the intense agitation, fight or flight, neck pain, etc. etc....it was too much to even focus. So, I am waaaaaay behind on my movies!

But, I am proud to say that I finally got to watch a movie...in parts, but I watched it nonetheless...

I don't know why I love this movie so much...


I know, silly, but I have seen this 3 times! And I am one of those people who only watches movies once b/c I remember everything!

Anyway, more of my picks later...I have a LONG list! But for now, I happy to say, this is my current fave and I am just happy I got to finally watch a movie.

As for Colin Firth...Corina...you made me laugh sooooooooo hard! You are a riot! Thanks! I don't think he's that cute either! I like Luke Wilson! :)



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This is a HARD question! I LOVE movies. My dad used to watch movies all of the time, and he kept a little black book full of the movie titles he'd seen, along with his own rating system, in stars, and in words--uh, he liked movies in which women showed a lot of cleavage. As I got older, I used to watch movies with him. Anyway, I'm a movie addict, so my list is long--and probably a little strange.

Gone With the Wind--I love Scarlet O'Hara. She's such a brat but so strong.

Jurassic Park--It seems so real and the special effects are awesome.

Predator--With Arnold Schwartzeneger--great special effects.

I love nearly all musicals, especially The Sound of Music and Oklahoma!

It's a Wonderful Life

Miracle on 34th Street

White Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas (I love the scene when Linus recites from Luke)

Blade (with Wes. Snipes)

The Lost Boys (Keifer Sutherland is so hot!)

Far and Away--Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

Miss Congeniality--with Sandra Bullock (I don't know why, but I love this movie)

Finding Nemo

Jeepers Creepers 2 (so scary and great effects)

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Glory--with Matthew Broderick--no matter how many times I watch it, I cry

The Scream series--Parts I, II and III

The Nutty Professor--with Eddie Murphy

The Sixth Sense--the writing is excellent!

Shrek--the first one

Jaws--the first one

Now, you all know how strange I am. My taste in movies is very diverse.


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LUKE WILSON better than Colin. Obviously your pots has affected your eyesight girls! :huh: Actually, I'm just totally attracted to guys with very dark hair, and big noses. So you can't give me credit for anything I guess. I love granola looking guys. It's just that Colin was so sweet in Love Actually. And Bridget. I'm actually more attracted to David Krumholtz on numbers and he's such a nerdy looking guy. Those big brown eyes..... okay, So dark hair, big noses and very dark eyes. But I still think Colin's cute, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder Corina, right. It's all relative I guess. However, you are certainly allowed your opinion, even when it's wrong... :D:P:):o:D morgan

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Oh, as if my list wasn't long enough, I thought of a couple more movies I love:

Disney movies, especially The Little Mermaid (the music is great) and Beauty and the Beast.

A Chorus Line (the movie, not the Broadway rendition).

I think that's it of my favorites. Enough, huh? You can see what I do with my time.


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Hello all,

movies at my house are #1 past time with 5 kids we are the local video stores best / re-phrase highest volume (more ways than one) customer::

1) Apocolyse Now

2) Braveheart

3) Iron Giant

4) anything CLINT EASTWOOD / DISNEY ( I know interesting juxtopostions - i got 5 kids - say Oxy "MORON"

5) Any Monty Python

6) Wrestling Ernest Hemmingway

7) Boondock Saints

8) Casablanca

9) Anything Robin Williams / Wil Ferrell

10) All Arnold All the Time

4 TV 'S still don't get to watch what I want

Kite 7

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Linda, I went to school with someone who danced in the movie "A Chorus Line" ! Unfortuneately, I have heard that he has since died of drug overdose.

Has anyone seen "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with Michael Keaton and Steve Martin... It's hilarious!!!!

And somebody mentioned Matthew Broderick... have you seen "Ladyhawk" ? It's a great movie because it's got lots of action and fighting AND romance.


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