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How often do we fall back into our hole..

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maybe time to move my stuff down. I was just wondering how often you all experience your symptoms, I guess at its worst. Daily? Weekly? Dependent on circumstances?

I thought I was seeing a connection with my cycle and my symptoms but just had another bout yesterday afternoon and I was only at day 9 of my cycle. So much of the theory. :o It seems to be happening several times during each month. My visit at the Autonomic Disorder Center in Ala. was to change some meds and keep the fluids going. Guess I will try the change to Toprol from tenormin, anything to try to decrease these symptoms.

I'm soooo tired and now have to try to muster up the energy and go to work. It's only two hours, but it wipes me out. Then the kids are back home from school and you all know how the story goes from there.

Well I am going to drag myself around and get through this day. :blink: Need the sunglassess today, it's bright out there!

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I used to try to find a correlation also. I finally gave up. I do know that hormonal changes usually make it worse, but again thats all relative. I have been in the pots hole since January of 2003, with the help of Adderall and Florinef, I was able to climb out enough to manage for about 6months. Then I struggled for another 8 months or so of working very part time and spending the rest of the time in bed. I am now back to not working. The highlight of my day is being able to vacuum on occasion. I may have one or two good days a month where I am able to get out and go grocery shopping, but then I will come home and be totally wiped out.

Hang in there, I know it stinks.

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Lisa, It's actually helpful to me to hear that you are in the hole even while on Florinef. I feel like such a failure to be on florinef and be getting worse. I just don't understand it. Thanks for sharing.

Mom4cem, I admire you for making it to your two hours of work. I hope you can find some joy today and I'm sorry you have to drag yourself out today.

It seems to me this illness is unpredictable, which I hate. I like to plan and I can't because I never know how I am going to feel. I do hope I can come out of this latest dip sometime soon.


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